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Ten Tactics for Increased Website Traffic and Online Visibility – No Paid Advertising, Coding or Outsourcing Required

For far too long, search engine optimization has been painted as an overly complicated mystery of back-end coding and secretive science.

A realm reserved for a select group of people who apparently understand the internet, algorithms and human behaviour far better than the rest of us.

Ready to finally 'get' SEO, and end the outsourcing, finger-crossing and head-spinning?

You're not alone.

While there is indeed an art and science to effective search optimization, it can also absolutely be learned and executed in-house by the smallest of startups to the most powerful global brands. 

Google's website indexing now acts far more like a human than a robot, which is very good for us human types indeed. Ready to learn how search engines have changed and how to start getting seen? You're in the right place, and we can hardly wait to show you the ropes.

Read more here, and grab your copy of our'Simplified SEO Roadmap' below.

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Thanks! Check your inbox for your free copy of the Simplified SEO Roadmap!

Step #1 in our Simplified SEO Roadmap has to do with keywords, and the research that goes into ensuring you’re using the right ones. Keywords are the backbone of SEO, and not to be overlooked or ignored one moment longer.


The 'research' side of the keyword puzzle is integral, because we need to understand the questions, pain points and solutions people are experiencing and seeking prior to being able to implement those same words and phrases into our web content.

If we do this well and often, we are effectively optimizing our site to get seen by search engines, and then ‘served up’ in search results to potential customers.

Our favourite tools to do this include Moz, SEM Rush, and Google Keyword Planner.

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The SEO Masterclass

This month: We're all about the search terms that matter to your SEO.


Beyond demonstrating the process of locating and mapping the keywords you should be using, we’re going to activate them live.

This includes dropping them into our content calendar as blog titles and social posts, sliding them onto our website as page titles and descriptions, and swapping them into our existing site imagery as file names and alt tags.

Join us for this game-changing SEO workshop, and leave with a keyword map that highlights the top search queries you need to be addressing in the months ahead, plus a plan for continuous search ranking rise from there.

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The instructors are EXTREMELY approachable and genuinely care about you and they want to help you succeed. Kelly is creating something huge here and I will forever be a part of it."

"I joke that I don’t want to be left behind in this digital world."

"Since completing the Social Media Marketing Certificate, I have tripled my income in the social media space and have expanded my business offering to incorporate Public Relations, Brand Guides and Social Media Marketing Strategy. 

"Social School was a game-changer for me."



The programs, tools and skills I learned through the certificate are still in daily use, and I have then taught my team those skills. I am a better business owner, marketer, photographer, designer and strategist as a result. I am forever in their debt."

"It changes so fast and I feel Social School is exactly what the world needs to be up to date on all things social media and more.

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