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2020’s Marketing Theme

Modern Marketing

January 6, 2020

The new year is upon us and experts are offering their educated predictions for social and digital marketing.

Drumroll, please……

The top theme in 2020 is simplicity.

Where some platforms are becoming more elaborate with add-ons and special features, consumers are going back to the basics. This means retreating from cumbersome platforms that are essentially a giant dumpster fire of content and focusing more on finding specific niche communities (think Facebook Groups). At the end of the day, we all just want to belong to something. Whether we call it a family, community, group or league, we are searching for a connection.

This is what brands need to do in order to capture consumers. Shared ideals and values are one way brands are connecting with their customers. A person may shop at grocery stores that are “green” even if the prices are higher than a competitor, simply because they share a common value.

“People want to spend time with people more like them, with a common interest.”

— Chris Penn, Co-founder at Trust Insights

Brands can create these niche communities by:

  1. Producing genuine content.
  2. Providing insight into the ‘human’ side of the company.
  3. Connecting with others in the community (ie: following your clients) and engaging on their platform/ content.
  4. Start an employee advocacy program.
  5. Opting out of the super-influencer trend and instead considering a ‘nano influencer’ who has fewer followers and a smaller circle.