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3 questions to get you blogging ASAP

Modern Marketing

February 22, 2017

corinne-kutz-211251.jpgYou know there’s no shortage of benefits to blogging for your business, so what is keeping you from putting hands to keyboard and post ideas to published work?

Just in case you need a reminder of WHY blogging is a very big winner for any modern day business:

  1. It provides great value to your existing audience
    Blogging allows you to connect with an unlimited number of people, including both existing customers and potential prospects, while creating conversation around topics your market is interested in. Providing valuable, informative and consistent FREE content in the form of insights, studies, research, news, tips, how-to’s, top 10’s, behind the scenes and beyond as it pertains to your particular industry or area of expertise, is the BEST way to build the all-important ‘know like and trust’ with your audience.

    Stay top of mind with them, be their go-to source, and win them over post by post. Chances are, if you do your job and dig in for the long haul, you’ll eventually win them over and watch your revenue expand as a result. And remember – less and less in today’s world do we buy from, engage with or subscribe to people, brands and businesses we know nothing about, or worse, don’t have access to.

  2. Reach new audiences and drive mad traffic to your site
    While blogging can position you as an expert in your field and a go-to trusted sources for fans, customers, media and more, it can also do wonders for driving traffic to your site.

    Think about this: one of the most common types of posts that business owners and marketers post to their social feeds is a link to an article on someone else’s site, be it The Globe and Mail, BuzzFeed, Google or beyond. But why, oh why, would we do this when we can take that content, add in our own insights, knowledge or opinion, repurpose it into our own quick and dirty (but valuable!!) blog post, and post THAT to our newsfeeds? Thus, driving people to our own website or blog, rather than someone else’s.

  3. Build your SEO
    And beyond being a major traffic generator and audience creator, blogging is pretty dang good for your SEO, too. Remember: the more you can position yourself as a thought leader, add your brilliant two cents to the internet (and your own website and social feeds), the better your chances of inciting people into actions you want them to take. Most notably – hits to your site. And the more hits, page views and offsite links your site receives, the more Google thinks you’re a pretty big deal, driving you to the top of the all-important search results. Ding ding ding!!

Maybe you’re holding back because you can’t fathom what you would post to your business blog, or just can’t imagine why anyone would care to read what you have to say. Well, perhaps you’re right. But then again, when was the last time someone asked you for a tip as it related to your field? (Blog topic #1.) Or perhaps you surprised someone when they began working with you as they had no idea what went into your work (blog topic #2). Maybe, just maybe, you blew the lid off of some age-old misconception they had about your industry or realm? (Blog topic #3.)

You get the idea. We tend to think what we do is clear and understood by those on the outside, but more than often it is not. And that’s not to say you need to write academic papers (don’t!!), or position your blogs as if you’re talking to your industry peers. Nope, the people you’re talking to are the ones who need you or are thinking of hiring you. Speak on their level, answer their queries, win them over by being as real, open, honest and relatable as possible. And hey, perhaps you can even manage to make them laugh. Do that, and you’ll have a fan for life.

A few more blog types and topics to get your juices flowing:

  1. 3 Thing You May Not Know About…
    What are 3 common queries people have about your industry?

  2. Myth Busting 101
    Shed light on the prevailing myths or misbeliefs perceived about your field.

  3. Most Frequently Asked Questions, Answered
    What are 3 questions people always ask you? Speak to a large audience, make it fun and keep ’em short.

BONUS TIP 1: Post on your own blog, or on a site like Medium or a LinkedIn group, where existing audiences already hang out, and a broader reach is practically guaranteed. And regardless of where the original post lives, be sure to share it on your social feeds far and wide.

BONUS TIP 2: If you’d love a blog but don’t know how to build one or where it would live, we have a Launch Lab for that! Build your blog in 2 days flat, never look back…

Good luck and happy blogging!