3 Ways to Humanize Your Brand

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Humanize Your Brand? Oh yes you can.

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June 7, 2021

With the rise in technology, it’s easy to see chatbots as a convenience. It’s relieving to hop on the next automated messaging train and see it as a tool to elevate your business. However, no AI robot, not even Sophie, can show up the way you can, (not yet at least..) When it comes to connecting with your customers, you need to be as human as possible because believe it or not, your clients are humans too.. (shocking, we know).  But what does that look like? What do brands need do to in order to to win the hearts of their customers? Don’t panic, we have the answers!

1. Show up

Nowadays, your social media presence acts like your store front, if you aren’t active, you aren’t open and potential customers will notice that.  Customers are checking Google Reviews before they order a dress or dessert and they are likely popping over to your Instagram or Facebook to see what you’ve been up to. Show up consistently, honestly, and authentically and don’t, for the love of your business, leave them wondering where you are because they will find someone who is open. 

2. Know Your Audience

Showing up is great, but we cannot be shouting to an empty auditorium. Who are you speaking to? Who is apart of your community? What are their geographics? i.e. country, state/province, city, neighbourhood. What are their key demographics? i.e. age, gender, income education, occupation, life stage.  What are their key psychographics? i.e. lifestyle, interests, opinions, values, fears, desires.  Who are you crafting your content for?  Having a clear indication about who your audience is will help you create the kind of content that serves them. 

3. It Isn’t About You

This one is tough, we know. We all want to talk about what we did on the weekend, the cute puppy we brought home or the new project we’re working on. But be honest, is it serving your customers? Are you building trust? Are you solving their pain points?  Are you offering them new insights?  As much as we want them to know who we are, they want us to know them! Become the hero they didn’t even know they needed by identifying their surface level needs and deep desires. 

It’s always back down to the basics, building relationships, building brand love, building belonging. The internet is a flood of information, products, services, events and people. How you stand out to the competition will be contingent on how well you plan, strategize and execute.