4 Things That Make This Social Media Certification a Hit

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4 Things That Make This Social Media Certification a Hit

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October 12, 2021

There’s a decade-long list of items that set our 10-year-running Social Media Marketing Certification apart from the pack, but here’s a few of its latest and greatest features and updates:

Custom Learning Library

Whether you’re opting for our self-guided online learning stream, or joining a Live Online or Live In-Person 5-week cohort this winter, you are immediately welcomed into your custom learning library and course hub upon registration.

Here you’ll find all training videos, workbooks and bonus content, easily accessible anytime, from anywhere.

Lifetime Access & Updates

Move through your training on a schedule that complements your existing commitments, or stay on track with your private cohort – the choice is yours.

Because with unlimited lifetime access to all course materials and updates, you can revisit the lessons as often as you need, for as long as you like.

Actionable Training

Social School is built on a mission to not only inspire, but equip, which is the basis of our ‘how-to’ model. As such, each course in our Social Media Marketing Certificate features a powerful activation workbook and execution exercises, designed to leave you ready for immediate action and implementation of your learning.

In other words, hit the ground running with what you need to know NOW, not a textbook full of outdated theory, and never, ever look back.


Our Social Media Marketing Certificate qualifies for Canada Job Grant funding, where employers and government share the cost of employee skill development.

In most provinces, this means that two-thirds of the program cost is covered, and in some cases, 100% coverage is available. Read all about it here.

Ready to skill up and never look back? The Winter 2021 programs are here, and spaces are highly limited. 

Learn more and grab a seat…

Your socially savvy future awaits.