5 Copywriting Secrets for Creating Emails That Standout

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5 Ways to Email Like a Superstar

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June 14, 2021

You have a new product you’re launching or you’re hosting a live event and you want your customers to be the first to know.  Email marketing still takes the cake when we’re finding personable ways to show up in front of our audience. The question is, how can your email standout amongst all the rest? With millions of emails being sent daily it can be a pain to even know where to start when it comes to writing savvy email content. Should the email be formal? Packed with loads of information? How do I keep the balance with serious facts yet adding humour in the mix? And with any art, it takes practice. The best thing is just to start doing and here’s how. 

1. Write Like You Talk

Remember that professor in university who went through slide after slide in the most monotone voice because he was probably on his 25th year of teaching? Maybe you don’t recall because you fell asleep. But don’t be that in your emails, that’s one way to get your followers to unsubscribe real quick! Instead when you’re building a personal brand the magic really is in your tone.  Think about how you talk and infuse that into your emails because the truth is people will follow you and buy from you because they feel like they KNOW you. You want your audience to feel like they are best friends with you so think about your daily dialogue and start with the words that you use often! Your email marketing is not an academic paper, leave that stuff with the university professor. 

2. Keep it Simple

Remember that your audience is going to skim your emails.  No one reads every single word anymore, except for maybe your mom. Therefore it is crucial that you keep your email skim-able. One way to do this is to change up your font style: Have the most important sentences or phrases in bold. Underline headings or anything urgent. Use italics for quotes, a question, or a line you want to emphasize. Include bullets to get across main points. Make sure that even if they opened it up just to remove the notification that something your email catches their eye. 

3. Give a Reason to Follow

We obviously want to encourage our audience to follow us on our social channels. And after the unreal product launch you just disclosed in your email, why wouldn’t they?  But it’s not as easy as “Go Like Us On Facebook”.. Instead, you need to give them a good reason! Maybe there’s more where the original contents of your email came from. Saying something like “Follow us on Instagram to get more insider tips on how you can go from plastic to package-free!”  And those dedicated in making the planet a cleaner place are sold. Just. Like. That.  The more you can add a story, or a value-add, the stronger the bond. 

4. Psychology 101 

When it comes to a purchase decision no doubt is there emotion involved.  Rarely would you buy something online if the ad or email didn’t evoke nostalgia or sense of urgency.  We cannot be wasting our customer’s time but we also cannot fall flat at the first chance we get at letting them know that we have the answer to their problems.  A good way to do that is to invite real proof of a past customer who used your product or took your course and now their life has changed! User-generated content is underrated! We’re more likely to trust that the service/product works if there is a real human behind it advocating for it. So go on, get those testimonies and expert endorsements! 

5.  Don’t Always Sell

Maybe you’re running a sale of 15% off on the next purchase or Mother’s Day is around the corner and there’s a site wide promotion. These are great! But don’t be one of those companies that does this often.  You’ll lack brand integrity. You want your customers to believe that you believe in your movement, product, or service, because you do!  If you’re always sending emails with a new sale the sense of urgency in your customers will drop because they’ll eye roll knowing another sale is around the corner.  Instead, make it personal, get vulnerable. Tell a story about the time that you failed. Or share statistics on a growing movement that aligns with your brand.  Give them something so you become the expert they get to know and trust. 

Email marketing is tricky.  It’s a science mixed with art – the perfect amount of emotion to be relational paired with getting to the point. Think about the emails that you get in your inbox from the brands that you love. Are you opening them? Is the content in them keeping you as a loyal customer? What subject lines and preview texts are inciting you? Build those relationships with your readers by talking about their pain points, let them know how you’re contributing to your industry, and most importantly, have fun with it because nothing kills the vibe like an email that’s stale.