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5 Must-Have’s for the Modern Website

Tools and Tips

August 18, 2017


Is your website performing? 

Every week there seems to be a new trend in web design. 

“You have to have a video on your homepage.”
“Just Kidding, it slows down your site load time.”

“Parallax scroll is hot, hot, hot.”
“Parallax scroll was so 2 months ago.”

“All your content must be above-the-fold.”
“People don’t mind scrolling beyond the fold, everything is on mobile anyway.”

Our crystal ball is broken, so no trend advice here. However, we do have 5 tips to ensure your website looks, feels and functions the best it can.

Ask yourself, “what is the goal of having a website?”. Is it to sell a product? Provide contact information? Educate your consumer?

Whatever the goal, ensure is it easy for the customer to achieve when visiting your site. Hopefully, these tips help you achieve that!