Ad Campaigns: How to Target a Single Building or City Block

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Ad Campaigns: How to Target a Single Building or City Block

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August 3, 2021

Land your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns and promoted posts on an area as tight as a building, block, neighbourhood or live event.

While the practice of targeting our paid content on a particular geographical area isn’t new, the ability to make it regionally tight and tailored enough to be effective can be a challenge. 

The reason? Facebook Audience Manager allows us to choose a target city, but we are unable to narrow the city catchment to less than a 10-mile radius. This generally nets a fairly gigantic group of people.

For example, if we create an audience using the city of Melbourne, the smallest possible target area spanning 10 miles out from Melbourne’s core garners an enormous 4,000,000 targets.

Unless you’re starting with a massive budget and don’t care to direct your message to a more strategically segmented audience, you’ll likely want to reduce this number.

If a pin drop on Melbourne’s city centre is used instead, where we can narrow the target radius down to just 1 mile, we still elicit 370,000 people in our audience base.

Better, but still not quite what we’re after.

Micro Geotarget Audience 1 | Social School

If our intention on this particular ad campaign or promoted post is to target an even tighter geographical region, where we can ‘drip’ our value-driven message into just the right devices, newsfeeds and inboxes rather than spray-and-pray across the land, we may want to take this geo-targeting one step further.

Perhaps even something as specific as a singular city block, or conference centre, office or institution. From there, we can also layer on additional interests, behaviours, demographic and psychographic factors. 

For example, you want to tell a group of female (gender) nurses (job title) with a passion for fashion (interest) about a new line of scrubs (your product), but rather than targeting an entire city or region, you prefer to narrow in on a few key hospitals (their place of work) for a better chance of success. Not to mention, less ad dollars wasted on irrelevant non-customers.

Or perhaps your small home theatre company doesn’t have the resources to appear at the annual home renovation trade show hitting your city’s main conference centre next month, but you want to ensure you capture people’s attention while they’re in attendance, and in the 14 days that follow.

With micro geo-targeting audiences created in Facebook Audience Manager, it’s entirely possible to laser target your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns and promoted posts onto a very small and specific geographical area.

Through a series of inclusionary (blue circle) and exclusionary (red circle) pin drops over a region, we can isolate the area our ads will be shown. And beyond just serving our ads to people who are physically present in this area, we can specify whether we want to reach people who live there, visited last week, or were just passing through.

When combined with age, gender and interest-based factors, it’s powerful stuff indeed.

Ready to build your own? Let us show you exactly how it’s done, and where this highly effective audience type fits into your broader audience mix.

(HINT: Micro geo-targeting plays a key role in your warm, ‘middle of funnel’ audience line-up!)

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See you on the inside, and happy targeting!