Authentic Storytelling: How and why the most human brands win

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Authentic Storytelling: How the Most Human Brands Win

Modern Marketing

June 10, 2021

What is it about our post-COVID era need for real insights, honest brands and actual human interactions that we can agree is worth talking about?

Today, as consumers, we don’t trust many of the things we use to a few decades ago. We’re more trusting of each other though, of REAL humans we know and can connect with.

This workshop will audit a few of the authentic and open companies, feeds and campaigns the world fell in love with – and for good reason, and why we’re turning our backs on the conventional, the closed-off, the over-edited, and the old guard.

Flex your creativity to find the most humanizing tool in your brand that will seamlessly support your social media goals!

If this session does any one thing, we hope it helps prepare you to pull back the curtains and let yourself, your brand and your people be seen a little more than before.