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October 6, 2016

download-6.jpegDoes Social Media ever just feel like noise? Both personally and professionally, like we are supposed to stand on top of our proverbial soap boxes and shout hashtags at everyone until someone finds us engaging?

We can all connect with this notion of “making fun of” social media while furiously opening every snap and DM we receive. Or am I the only one who feels phantom vibrates coming from my pocket if I forget my phone for a few hours?!

In 2015, the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year was “Face with Tears of Joy Emoji”! It beat out “on fleak,” “lumbersexual” and “ad blocker”.

As someone who works in social media and marketing and loves both, this should make me happy to see what a role social plays in all of our lives. However, I find it a fine line to walk. The line of polished vs. perfect.

@SocialityBarbie is a little dated, but a great case study of this. This Instagram account that made International news depicts Barbie’s journey to #LiveAuthentic. This opened the conversation about the struggle we all face to produce content that is perfect – but not so perfect that it feels staged. How do we tell our story and be open and real, but still produce polished content?

So what is the answer?

Social Media is here to stay, so how do we as business owners engage with it?

Is using Facebook Live, SnapChat and Instagram Stories to show a more “raw” side of oursevles and our business the answer? It could be, however, I think the best solution is stop trying to engage everyone. JUST STOP.

Thoughtfully develop your content with your audience in mind.

“Tap to focus” to get a good shot, and don’t be afraid to use the odd hashtag, but always return to the question of ‘does this add value to my customer?’

Let’s not forget where social media came from. It came from people wanting to tell their stories and share their memories, photos and moods. As entrepreneurs and small businesses, let’s treat it the same. Instead of shouting, let’s thoughtfully engage with the right people.