Infographic: Instagram Best Practices


October 4, 2019

Let’s be completely honest - there are two levels of marketers on Instagram. Those who have a profile because it’s important to be present on this platform, and those who are strategically posting and optimizing content to reach a specific group of people.

One isn’t better than the other, they are just at different stages and have acknowledged alternate priorities in their marketing plan.

For the marketers who want to up their game and post the kind of content that is favoured by the algorithm and creates a beautiful and captivating feed, this infographic is for you.

For those who already know that it’s best practice to post high-quality images and create content that engages your audience, here’s a sneak peek of a deeper dive into Instagram analytics.

Find out and pay attention to what content engages your audience.

  • Enter Instagram Insights. If you have a business account (which you should if you’re a business or personal brand), you can find out analytics for your feed as a whole, as well as for each individual post.

  • The first thing you’ll see are the actions people have taken on your post - the likes, comments, shares and saves. Pay close attention to the last two.

  • The paper airplane icon is telling you how many people shared this post with others, either through direct message or within their own Story.

  • The last icon shows how many people saved this post (they obviously liked it).

  • Scrolling down to the “Discovery” section will show you how many people you reached with just this post (reminder that reach is the unique number of people who saw it and impressions is the total number of times the post was seen, including repeat people).

  • Pay close attention to the percentage of accounts reached that weren’t following you - the higher the better!

  • Lastly, you will learn where people found the post. If you see a spike “from hashtags”, pay attention to which hashtags you used on that post - you may be onto something!

instagram stats.png