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Game On: Building Your Business Using LinkedIn

Modern Marketing

July 26, 2017

Maybe you haven’t taken the time to set up your LinkedIn business page but you need to!

Unlike other social networks in which you might become “friends” with anyone and everyone, LinkedIn is about building strategic relationships. How many people you connect with is less important than who you connect with. In fact, LinkedIn stops showing your actual number of connections once you have 500 because it’s about quality, not quantity.

Become a thought leader, use LinkedIn…

Write, post and share in groups. Provide value and thoughtful insight to your “connections” and you will position yourself as a knowledgeable source with your audience.

LinkedIn is a channel for professional content distribution, there’s no more effective network for establishing yourself or your brand as a leader in your industry. Put your publishing hat on and write a few “How-To’s”, “Tip & Tricks” and maybe even an opinion piece.

Not only does LinkedIn position you as a voice in your industry, it increases your search visibility online on a platform that is not as cluttered as your Facebook Newsfeed (sorry Facebook- we still love you). LinkedIn does not work on the same type of algorithm as Instagram & Facebook where your content can get lost in the clutter.

Remember LinkedIn is about establishing quality, meaningful connections (and not in the finding-a-future-life partner type of way).

Now that we have convinced you to be more present on LinkedIn, check out our FREE TOP TIPS SHEET to Build Your Business Using LinkedIn.