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Infographic: Content Pillars and Categories

Modern Marketing

November 19, 2019


Content Pillars. These three or four words are the core of your business and represent your values and passion.

Content pillars represent the type of content you wish to produce, or they are reflective of your current content repertoire. Either way, pillars are the themes that your content follows. The infusion of these pillars is simple, and often provides a general guideline for content creation. Some common content pillars, and the ones we use, are: Educate, Entertain and Inspire. When we are posting any type of content, we ensure that it falls into at least one of these pillars. A social media post with a funny image about #Mondays is “Entertain,” a quote about working hard and success would be “Inspire” and a blog about 10 words that convert is “Educate.”

Armed with your content pillars, you can now determine your content categories. These are the types of topics you are publishing.

  1. Did You Know’s
  2. Behind the Scenes
  3. Testimonials
  4. Top 10 list
  5. Myth-Busters
  6. Interviews
  7. Reveals and Unboxings
  8. Promotional
  9. Facts
  10. Stats
  11. Q&A’s
  12. How To’s
  13. Trends and Tips
  15. UGC – User Generated Content & OPC – Other People’s Content

Creating consistent content in your digital marketing is imperative to your brand. Not only does it enhance brand voice, it also strengthens brand awareness.