Simplified SEO - Self-Guided Online



  • Duration: 1 hour

  • Skill level: All levels

  • Format: Online

Cost: $39



Yes, the all-important SEO – simplified, understandable and implementable at all levels. Search engine optimization is, quite frankly, one of the most important aspects of your marketing efforts, because if you’re not ranking in search or showing up on Google, it’s tough to grow your business and land new leads.

We’ll look at the most effective strategies, techniques and tactics – both paid and unpaid – you can use to increase your website traffic and obtain high-ranking search engine placement. In other words, this exciting course will teach you how to increase the overall visibility of your business, no coding or outsourcing of experts required!


Register for the virtual courses or online certificate programs of your choice, and receive 12 months unlimited access to a suite of learning videos, program guides, workbooks, templates and tactical tools – keeping you in the loop and at the top of your game.

Upon registration, you will immediately receive login credentials for your Social School Course Dashboard, where all course materials can be found. Bookmark that page, log in at any time, and let your learning begin!



  • Learn the fundamentals of what search engine optimization is, how it works to help your business rise up the ranks of Google, Bing and beyond, how it integrates with search engine marketing (SEM), and what it all means to your modern day business

  • Discover what easy steps you can take to make sure your site is being properly indexed by Google, and how you can influence your rankings in a series of simple DIY steps

  • Find out how to easily measure the momentum you’re gaining in your SEO efforts, when you should hire additional help, and how to outsource your SEO and SEM the right way, with maximum return


Jaimie Love

Marketing Director, Social School

From killer content to art direction, social strategy and creative community engagement, Jaimie loves nothing more than sharing her knowledge and passion for communications with others.

Marketing lead at Social School and expert faculty member in the Social Media Marketing Department, Jaimie brings more than 12 years of marketing experience along with endless entrepreneurial insights to students and clients alike, equipping them with the social skills they need to succeed.



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