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Our COVID $50k Small Business Success Fund, Pivot Plans & More

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March 18, 2020

Hi friend.

Let’s get real, shall we?

There is little doubt that we are living through one of the hardest weeks, if not years, many of us will ever experience as modern professionals, as we enact emergency measures that include layoffs, cutbacks and closure.

We search for the silver linings as best we can, and remind ourselves hourly that sunny days will return, and our relationships, resilience and perspective on the world and what matters will emerge stronger than ever.

This week has been particularly bleak for our Social School community of students, entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses, who’ve been brought to their knees as the economy shifted from a slow burn to a complete halt, while fear, sadness and anxiety have erupted.

Jobs have been lost and companies gutted, while new COVID cases emerge, the health crisis expands, and we continue to wonder if we’re all not stumbling through some terrible dream.

As businesses big and small cope with an uncertain new reality, we turn up our social distancing and turn inward in an attempt to regroup, the future of our family’s wellbeing and hard-fought life’s work is on the line. We’re making new plans, shifting our models, or simply holding on for dear life, forcing ourselves to focus on what lies beyond this monstrous storm we’re all navigating.Social School - hug.png

As a wise swim coach of mine used to say, the ‘endpoint visualization’ has never been more important.

It includes the answering of one tough question so that every small decision along the way becomes crystal clear, the right foot is unwaveringly put in front of the other, powerful new habits are formed and mindsets firmed, and post-COVID recovery and success plans are seen, made, and put into play.

By all accounts, we are nowhere near the end of this virus and its devastating effects on the world. But like all unexpected challenges, roadblocks and nightmares we face, the only way out is through, and it’s how we rise as individuals and band together as a community that allows us to survive and then thrive.

We will find a way. And here’s how we’re going to help:

Social School’s Small Business Success Plan

1. The $50k Scholarship Fund

Over the years, our community of students, clients, faculty and friends have become our lifeline.

Since the launch of my first online course in 2012, completely broke and very pregnant, my mission has been to serve, teach and empower individuals and organizations with the modern marketing skills they need to realize their dream and build a business that matters. That mission has never been more important than today, nor our team of Social School faculty more committed or our belief in this community of students, alumni and supporters stronger.

Today we are announcing a $50,000 fund that will gift our premier training program to 110 Canadian businesses over the next 10 days.

It is designed to support those hit hardest by COVID-19, to help them see the other side, level up their digital skills, and build resilience through modern tools.

While our Social Media Marketing Certificate program doesn’t have all the answers, it does have some, and at this unprecedented time where small businesses need digital skills more than ever, we want to help as many people as we can.

The short application is now live at, is open to all Canadian businesses with 50 employees or less, and closes Thursday, March 26 at 9pm MST.

One-half of these scholarships are earmarked for 55 Alberta-based businesses. We are you, and we are with you.

The 110 successful recipients will be announced and admission to Social School’s most renowned virtual learning program granted on Friday, March 27 at 9am MST.

Nominate yourself or someone you know who could use this time to learn, grow or evolve:

Apply Now

2. #SOLO Learning Channels

Beginning Monday, March 23, we’ll be prioritizing one thing for as long as it takes, and that is the sharing of knowledge, support and advice on any and everything digital, social and otherwise, through the launch of our SOCIAL ONWARD: LIVE ONLINE video channels.

We know you have your hands full and that illness, groceries, childcare and utility bills are the stark reality, but if we can serve you with a daily glimpse of hope and inspiration, the continued pursuit of your entrepreneurial dreams and the building of your business survival game plan, we too remain hopeful.

In this time of immense isolation and uncertainty, you are not alone.

3. #SOLO Workshop Conferences

As a company whose primary offering is live learning classes, workshops and conferences across Canada, we’ve had our fair share of layoffs and cutbacks this week, as well as the cancellation of our entire spring calendar.

The loss of revenue, deposits and staff time, combined with refund commitments to our student community, has been immensely challenging.

Like you, we have questioned everything. And then stood up, dusted off, and put on some fresh pants.

We’ve pushed our pixels in an all-new direction, and launched a series of Live Online workshop-style digital marketing conferences to fill the void of our cancelled 2020 Canada tour.

These online conferences are set to take place in April and guaranteed to deliver on their original ‘Don’t just learn. LAUNCH.’ promise, where your marketing plans, social platforms, online storytelling, customer journey mapping and more are not just taught, but BUILT.

We’re committed to making them the best damn live-streamed learning, pivoting, ‘future-proofing your business’ opportunity the world has ever known.

We’d love for you to join us and our live coaching team and event partners at these events in April, with plenty of added content, bonuses classes, guest speakers and more in the days surrounding.

Learn more

4. What else?

We come together and hold on tight. Not to our finances and our fears, but each other. We show up in our hearts and minds harder and louder than ever before.

Social School will do what we’ve built our entire entrepreneurial lives doing, and serve you, our treasured community, in the way you need and deserve to be served at this time.

We hope to help you ignite, focus, and overcome today’s unparalleled challenges in order to continue making a difference in the lives of your customers, employees and communities.

We believe in the power of entrepreneurs to change the world, and our company was founded in that spirit and remains grounded in it today.

As you and your loved ones weather the storm of the weeks ahead, we wish you nothing but support, friendship and gratitude for being a part of our world, and inviting us to be part of yours.

Deep breaths and so much love,

Founder & CEO
Social School

“You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.” – Brihadaranyaka Upanishad IV.4.5