Gone are the days where content alone is king. Today, the marketers, brands and businesses who understand how to target, optimize and convert the art they call content – copy, graphics, photos, videos and beyond – are the ones winning the game.


Welcome to our game-changing series of Digital Marketing Courses, where creative right brain meets data-driven left, organic content meets paid and marketing art meets algorithmic science. Led by industry-leading ninjas at the top of their game, these are precisely the technical skills your digital marketing program needs.



Skills, tactics and tools you’ll master

Audits & Opportunities

Elevate your understanding of today’s most important digital skills, platforms and untapped online opportunities

Google Ads

Discover the art and science of Google Ads through search, display, mobile, video ads and more, and launch your campaigns

Digital Strategizing

Prepare for world-class strategic execution with planning calendars, templates, budget and mapping tools

Advanced Facebook & Instagram Ads

Deep dive into powerful custom audience creation, retargeting pixels, funnel-designed campaigns and featured placements

Search Optimization

Learn key ranking factors that are both highly implementable and extremely powerful in getting you found online

Imperative Insights

Learn how to prepare meaningful reports, analyze data, share marketing insights, and determine social ROI



Pre-event worksheets, planning and budgeting exercises, sent your way in advance of the course

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Hands-on personalized learning, both on campus and online, built to launch you into immediate action



Takeaway templates, workbooks, planning tools, program guides and comprehensive go-forward strategies


Choose how and where you want to learn



Get funded

All of our Digital Marketing Certificate programs qualify for significant Federal and Provincial Job Grants funding, and applying is seamless and simple. Plus, our dedicated Admissions Specialist is standing by to help.

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Learn from wherever you are, with a coach by your side.

Welcome to the Guided Online offering of the Digital Marketing Certificate Program, featuring scheduled online course delivery with weekly webinars, taught LIVE by Social School faculty.

A perfect hybrid of in-person and online learning, the Guided Online stream provides all the support you need to get certified in Digital Marketing, and get ahead.

Pick the semester that works for you and prepare to get schooled in the digital skills that matter in business and marketing today.

Upon completion, you’ll be the proud new owner of a Digital Marketing Certificate from Social School.


How dows the Guided Online program work?

Each Guided Online program is offered on a set schedule. Upon registration, a custom calendar for your chosen semester will be sent your way. Mark down the key dates of Course Deliveries (Mondays 6am MST) and Live Webinars/Q&A (Thursdays 1-2:30pm MST).

What happens each week after the program begins?

Beginning on the first Monday of your program, the first course in the series of 5 will be made available, giving you one week to watch the learning videos and complete accompanying worksheets and hands-on learning exercises. The courses will be available to you for 12 entire months, but the goal is to complete them all in a set timeframe, with additional support, examples and feedback as you go.

What courses are included in the Guided Online Digital Marketing Certificate?

  1. Digital Strategy

  2. Search Engine Optimization

  3. Google Ads

  4. Advanced Facebook Advertising

  5. Insights & Optimization

What's the benefit of Guided Online vs. Self-Guided?

While many people thrive on a self-paced learning schedule, others need a set schedule in order to get their coursework completed in a timely fashion. Further, many Social School students are keen to access additional resources, coaching, feedback and support as they move through their virtual learning, and the Guided Online program's weekly Webinars and Office Hours sessions offer exactly that.

Where do I access the courses?

Immediately upon registration, you will receive a welcome email and login instructions for your custom Virtual Course Dashboard. Inside your custom course dashboard you will find all lessons, materials and resources, unlocked course by course, week after week.

What kind of certification will I receive?

Upon completion of all 5 courses, you will be issued an official Digital Marketing Certificate from Social School. And don't worry – we'll be sending along notifications each week to alert you when your new course has arrived in your dashboard, and to prepare you for what's ahead the following week.


Upcoming Semesters



Learn more & register



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Learn from wherever you are, whenever you’d like.

Welcome to the Self-Guided Online offering of the Digital Marketing Certificate Program, where the courses, tools and takeaways remain best in class, and you’ve got a full 12 months to complete them – at your own pace, on your own time.

This unparalleled virtual training program allows you to purchase individual courses as you see fit, or combine all five proprietary Digital Marketing Courses into one world-class online certificate.

Upon completion of all five courses and their corresponding requirements, you’ll be the proud new owner of a Digital Marketing Certificate from Social School.



How does the Self-Guided Online program work?

The Self-Guided Online program is perfect if you want to learn at your own pace. Maybe you’ve got a full-time job and can’t commit to scheduled weekly Guided Online webinars, or perhaps you have a holiday ahead and want to build your skills while laying low. No matter the circumstance, the Self-Guided Online program is a great option for today’s learners.

What courses are in the Self-Guided Digital Marketing stream?

  1. Digital Strategy

  2. Search Engine Optimization

  3. Google Ads

  4. Advanced Facebook Advertising

  5. Insights & Optimization

When do I have access to the courses?

Upon registration, you will immediately receive login credentials for your Social School Course Dashboard, where all course materials can be found. Bookmark that page, log in at any time, and let your learning begin.

From there, you have 12 months of unlimited access to a suite of learning videos, program guides, workbooks, templates and tactical tools – keeping you in the loop and at the top of your game.

What's the benefit of Self-Guided vs. Guided Online?

While many people prefer hands-on coaching and a set schedule for their learning as is offered in the Guided Online certification stream, others thrive on a self-paced plan, or simply prefer a longer timeframe to work through course materials. With the Self-Guided courses, you have a full year’s worth of unlimited access through your virtual dashboard.

What kind of certification will I receive upon completion?

Upon completion of all 5 courses in the Digital Marketing stream, you will be issued an official Digital Marketing Certificate from Social School to add to your qualifications and resume.


The courses




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Bundle and save

Complete all five courses individually, or combine them into a complete Certificate and save $46.