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She is a boss. She is a CEO. She is an Entrepreneur.

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March 6, 2020

#GirlBoss- a women in control and taking charge of her own circumstances in work and life SheEO- a term that describes a female CEO Mompreneur- a term that describes an entrepreneur who is both a female and a mom.jpg

We live in a world where these terms are popping up everywhere – from social media and magazine headlines to notebook covers, t-shirts and makeup cases as a way to “inspire” females.

We need to ask ourselves: are these terms empowering and inspiring?

They portray female bosses as being “cute” and simplify their achievements merely because they have taken on a role that society deems male-centric. A boss is a boss – no matter the gender.

Some quick questions:

  1. If you have a female manager, have you ever referred to her as your “female manager”?

  2. Have you ever called your male employer a “#BoyBoss”?

  3. Do you call your CEO “SheEO” or “HeEO” to their face?

  4. When telling a story, do you say “my male colleague”?

Didn’t think so. These terms create a definitive difference between men and women in the same roles.

The foundation of feminism is in general equality that should focus on pay gaps, job opportunities and parental leave. We need policy change, empowerment and more women in politics.

She is a boss.Untitled+design+%281%29.jpg

She is a CEO.

She is an entrepreneur.

These terms don’t need to be adjusted because a female is in this role.

Here’s to strong women: May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.