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Have a Kim Kardashian-esque Comeback

Modern Marketing

January 18, 2017

download+(2).jpegWe can’t promise the same 42 million Snapchat views that Kim K’s comeback received, but we can admit the engagement her return to the internet (i.e. social media) received had us intrigued.

And believe it or not, there’s a few things we can all learn from her social media journey.

As brands we have 2 major challenges when it comes to telling our story:

1. Everyone is sick of ADS that don’t ADD value (see what I did there?).

2. We are all at risk of being criticized for a lack of #authenticity and realness in our feeds. But how do we blend our need to promote our business (and turn a profit) with the most genuine ‘telling’ of our story?

So where does that leave us? How do we tell our story on platforms that beg for real connection without the glossy finish? Do people actually want unfiltered and blurry, real and raw?

Make no mistake – people want tailored and beautiful, but they don’t want to feel like they are being advertised to, either. If content is valuable to them, they don’t mind the odd advertisement. If my favourite store is having a hot sale, for example, I want to know!

The pendulum does not have to swing all the way in one direction or the other, however. Love or despise her, Kim Kardashian is one of the most influential brands in the world, and we’ve swallowed our pride and compiled 3 things we can all do to have a Kardashian-style social media comeback, debut or refresh to our tired feeds.

1. Forget “Haters” Because “They Gon Hate”

Kim Kardashian left social media some time back in 2016, and has returned with a fresh new look, feel and family-centric posts.

“As time went on, she realized that she actually loved her slower life. She feels very grateful that she has been able to spend the past few months just focusing on her kids. Kim thinks they are growing too fast and she has enjoyed spending more quiet time with them.”
– People Magazine

Whether we believe every word of that blurb or not, there is no doubt that the photos she’s been posting are all carefully staged, batch filtered and tell a ‘story’ of living a more meaningful life.

But just because this ‘brand refresh’ was carefully conceived by a what was very likely a high paid marketing team of masterminds, it doesn’t make Kim’s experience any less real, does it? As marketers, we are all storytellers and it is our responsibility to share real stories, because those are the ones that connect with real people. We need to allow that connection to take place, and do a better job of letting hashtags, filters and staging enhance the story instead of becoming the story.

So, quite simply, stop overthinking it. Tell your true story and don’t focus on the 10% you will never make happy regardless of how hard you try.

2. Go Livedownload-768x765.png

Be polished, not perfect. Know when to let your audience see behind the scenes and when to leave moments uncaptured. Now is the time to take your story to live video on Instagram and Facebook. Snapchat and Periscope realized something, or should I say remembered something. They remembered that social media is supposed to be fun and something that allows meaningful connections to occur.

Live video is indeed the rebel of social media. It requires us to be in the moment and let our audiences see us unfiltered. Facebook currently gives priority to Facebook Live broadcasts in user’s newsfeeds. This is unpaid, organic priority, which, if you’re used to dropping serious coin in order to expand the reach of your static posts and images, is hard to ignore. Smart and savvy marketers are diving headlong into live video in 2017 and taking advantage of that increased reach while it lasts.

AND THIS JUST IN: Instagram LIVE is officially available to everyone as of today, so try it out!

3. Stop Measuring Reach

Some have gone so far as to say we should stop measuring reach altogether and solely look at genuine engagement.

“A new landscape requires new rules.

“When it comes to social media, the consumer is always in control. Millennials have grown up in an age where they have had access to brands at a rate that has never existed before. Today, if a brand is not on social, then does that brand really even exist?”
– Jeff Fromm

So how do we connect with the right people without interrupting or annoying? We need to shift our focus from quantitative to qualitative. We need to focus on adding value, inspiring our audience and being a part of the conversation instead of creating content with the undertone of sell, sell, sell. We need to connect with our audience where they want to hear from us, like e-newsletters (remember: they explicitly opted in to hear from you) and social channels (remember: they chose to follow, like and connect with you).

If you are one of countless brands or businesses who have checked out from social media or simply missed the boat on creating next-level content and engagement, there is no time like the present to stage a comeback. Because you know what they say – you’re only as engaging as your last post, and no one’s looking back in time anyway. Step into the cocktail party and just. start. posting.

Tell your story, forget the haters, focus on connecting with your demographic and – bonus points here – try out live video!