Headlines, Tagline & Soundbites: Secrets of modern copywriting success

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Headlines, Tagline & Soundbites: Secrets of Copywriting Success

Modern Marketing

June 17, 2021

Let’s be real, when you can write good copy, you can truly sell anything!

In this week’s Wednesday Workshop we touched on how we as content creators can craft up quick and catchy headlines that entice readers to click and follow through.

How we get consumers to engage in our written copy is a little science mixed with some art. The importance of eliminating words, adding graphics, keeping the headline as concise as possible, making sure that the voice and tone match the brand. Plus, give your readers some credit – don’t say more than you need to!

What kind of journey are you taking them on? Is there a sense of urgency in the message you are trying to deliver – A sale? A movement? Or a hot sunny day? Do you have the 5 solutions they need to solve a pain point?

Define. Differentiate. Listen. Inspire. Engage. Evolve!