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Holiday GIF Guide

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December 8, 2016

Photo-2016-12-08-9-53-34-AM.gifBehold, our Holiday GIF Guide of Gold

T’was but 17 days before Christmas and across your inbox so bright, came screaming deals and steals, promising parking lots crazy tight.

But whether your list is filled with marketers, millennials or modernists galore, we’ve got you fully covered, no need to even hit the store. 

Yes, we’re having a December deep-freeze Oprah moment, and wanted to share our top social, digital and lifestyle tools, apps, subscriptions and treats of the 2016 holiday season.

And while we’re not tossing out iPads, when it comes to solving entrepreneurial problems, we’ve got 99 ideas, and 12 you’ll truly love.

1. Hitcase TrueLUX Superwide Lens
$34.95 – A must-have for any iPhonographer in your life. Captures video and photo content in a most wonderous wide view.

2. Evernote Business Notebook with Smart Stickers 
$50 – We all love digital… well, everything, but sometimes you just need to put pen to paper for a brilliant idea. This isn’t just any Moleskin notebook, it has a unique page layout optimized for use with the Evernote page camera, allowing you to save handwritten content digitally as public or private, tag it using Smart Stickers and even assign Evernote Reminders by simply checking the alarm clock icon on the page. It also includes a three-month subscription to Evernote Premium, and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

3. ImgPlay App
$2.79 – Hold the phone – you may need to read this twice. From the comfort of your handheld device, the amazing ImgPlay app can make GIF’s or videos out of LIVE Photos, burst photos, still photos and video. Sure, there are dozens of free GIF creator apps in app-land, but this one is worth the hefty toonie-plus-loonie investment because it formats your snazzy export for all social platforms. ALL social platforms! As in, mp4’s for loading to Facebook and a high quality GIF for Instagram and Twitter. Booya, baby.

4. Calm App
$79.58 – And now, for the understatement of the year: being an entrepreneur is some stressful shit. Developing daily habits to calm, regroup and refresh has become a daily necessity in our insane digital lives, and as (work-in-progress) recovering workaholics, we don’t say that lightly. This app is a piece of meditation heaven that aims to bring clarity and mindfulness back into your life. With programs like 7 Days of Calm, 7 Days of Sleep, 7 Days of Calming Anxiety and a whack of lovely nature sounds, it’s a guaranteed game-changer, and well worth the annual investment. Check out NestMaven for some amazing guided meditations.

5. Parabo Press Instagram Prints
Free – Hooray!! Your first set of 25 shots is on the house. Get your Instagram pics off your phone and onto lush matte paper to share, give, frame or fantasize over #IRL. Upload photos from Instagram or your computer in a snappity snap.

6. How to Live a Good Life by Jonathan Fields
$22 – This is not just another book that tells you how to live a good life. “It seems that more and more people are walking through life disconnected, disengaged, dissatisfied, mired in regret, declining health, and a near maniacal state of gut-wrenching autopilot busyness.” This book empowers the reader to “fill their buckets” in 30 days, in the simplest, most blissful ways. (*Press + Post and The Social School just so happen to be BIG, big, big fans of Mr. Fields and friends. So if we can channel our inner Indigo suggestions, this book qualifies as ‘Sarah and Kelly’s Top Pick of 2016’).

7. Tile
$260 Combo 4 Mat and 4 Slim – In this brilliant piece of little white tech is a tiny Bluetooth tracker ready for attaching, sticking, hooking or looping to all the items you commonly lose. Social School staff have been known to attach Tiles to their keys, shove in their purse, bury in their glovebox (lost-and-sweating-in-a-parkade days be gone), place on their dog’s collar (she’s a runner, what can I say), and stick to the bottom of a bike, stroller, chariot, child (kidding!) and husband. (Stickies sold separately, and worth every penny.) The app on your phone will track from here to there and where in no time.

8. Prynt Case
$149.99 – Turn your iPhone into a polaroid camera… whaaat?? Indeed it will do. Attach the Prynt Case to your iPhone and print your fave pics instantly. Photo album not included, on-the-spot paper memories yours to keep.

9. Dropbox Subscription
$99 for a year and 1 TB of storage – What can we say? It’s time to get out of your desktop folders, un-synced devices and print files a’plenty, and get in the cloud. Dropbox is truly your best friend (and ours, too), and when set up properly and learned in 5 minutes, it’s the game-changing ‘server’ you’ve been missing all these years.

10. Twitter Tats
$9.99/ pack – Make your favourite tweets into wearable temporary tattoos? Oh yes you can. And if your own tweets aren’t quite tattoo-worthy, choose from the Drake, Kanye or Kardashian Pack. Your stocking stuffer game will never look back.

11. Raphycool 36 LED Selfie Ring Light 
$19.79 – Don’t just take better selfies, take better photos! Goodbye grainy, dark, underexposed iPhone photos, and hello to 36 LED lights that light up your fab face (or your cat’s) and clip easily onto your phone. Get out of the dark, and again – stuff a stocking in a lark!

12. Social Media Marketing Certificate
$1249 – Oh nelly… did someone save the best for last? Ahhh, guilty as charged. We may be biased, but can’t help think there’s any better present for the business owner, entrepreneur, marketer, manager or digital newbie in your life than our Social Media Marketing Certificate program. Give the gift of education and empowerment to yourself or someone you love, and get ready for five killer courses over five life-changing weeks in Spring 2017. Walk away with the tools to create, implement and manage a successful social media and marketing plan forevermore.