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Straight from Social Club: How to Blog Like a Pro

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June 19, 2018

June-social-club-blog-copy.jpgJune Social Club’s topic was ‘Blogging for Business,’ and if hot learns and expert tips was the measure, it was by all accounts a smashing success. It was also a morning of networking, examples and inspiration.

We were thrilled to host a live panel of esteemed local blogging experts that included:

It was a huge help to hear blogging tips, tricks and advice straight from the pros. Ryan, Julie, Carrie and Darcy shared first-hand experiences, industry insights and personal anecdotes about how they continue to grow, improve and expand the reach and effectiveness of their blog, certainly for the pleasure of doing it, but mostly for the benefit it brings to their bottom line.

Among the learns was the recurring sentiment that a  great blog takes time, trial, error and perseverance. It takes a unique angle, creative element or firm stance, and a defined audience and voice day in and day out. And because blogging is such a powerful modern marketing tool in establishing accessibility, authenticity and authority in your field, we rounded up our favourit takeaways from the workshop. We bring you our:

Five Tips to Blog Like a Pro


Choose subject matter, themes and topics you care about. When you write about things you love, it shows. And when it comes to stretch your comfort level into the content pillars that are necessary to share your expertise on but perhaps don’t quite float your boat, put your creative hat on and find a unique or compelling spin to it. Can you make it a top 10 list instead of a boring exposé? A Q&A, interview or series of testimonials that meet the goal of the article or post in a way that’s far more fun to read? Or, consider outsourcing this type of more technical or challenging writing to someone else within or outside of your organization.

“Write about what you love. Create your voice, it’s the only thing you own.” – Ryan,


Figure out what you need and ask for it. Ask for content, shares, partnerships, collaborations and more, but make sure you’re offering something in return. The relationship has to be mutually beneficial.

“I love the art of the ask. I am not scared to put myself out there and ask for anything. 99% of the time it doesn’t work but 1% of the time it does.” – Carrie, The Mama Coach


Find the pros in your industry, leaders in your field, or people who just generally create really great content that your fans, followers and readers would love, and see if you can quote, reference or repost it with that person’s permission or credit attached.

“We just went to these local experts and said hey we love your content, can we share it? It has to be a win-win. We win because we share the content, they win because they’re getting exposure.” – Darcy, X Warrior Challenge


Your readers want to read interesting content that entertains, educates, inspires or engages them. Push the envelope where you can, in ways that suit and support your brand, and see what resonates with your audience.

“It’s boring to read something that has zero opinion. I encourage [my team] to put it out there, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.” – Carrie, The Mama Coach


Adhere to the ‘new’ 80/20 rule, where you spend 20% of your time creating awe-inspiring content and 80% of your time sharing, optimizing, boosting, repurposing and proliferating it. Create a killer social media strategy, make a list of key influencers in your industry to personally share content with, and pay to boost your content to reach more people on social media.

“It doesn’t matter that you have a great story if no one sees it. Make a lot of connections. Connect with people in your industry. Connect with people you respect.” – Julie, Dinner with Julie

Don’t miss out! The next Social Club is coming up fast on Thursday, July, 5 from 9-11am at National Bowl (314 10th Ave. SW), where we’ll be talking Tools & Technology. Meaning, software, hardware, apps, hacks, tools, tripods and beyond, covering all your digital marketing needs.

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