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How to Freshen Your Feed for Summer

Modern Marketing

July 2, 2018

For many businesses, blissful summer sun brings with it an unwelcome sales slump.

We say this is the perfect time to try new things on social media, as you have more time to play around with fresh ideas, features or campaigns. Test out a few of your top thoughts and inspirations and see what resonates most with your audience.

Summer is also a great time to regroup and refresh your content strategy.

Thus, we bring you three quick tips on how to freshen up your feed for a meaningful summer on social:

1. Tune into Current Events and Seasonal happenings

Think outdoor festivals, markets, marathons and races, fundraisers, concerts, you name it. There is likely so much going on in your city or town this summer, you just have to look for it. Find events that align with your brand. Can you sponsor them? Attend them? Collaborate with the organizers in some way? Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to ASK.

2. Bring on the Games

Sun’s out, fun’s out. Summer calls for longer days and loads more laughter. We think everyone’s inner child comes out when the weather warms up. Think about what you love doing during the Summer months. Take advantage of your audience’s good mood, tap into what they’re feeling and have fun with them! Think caption contests, guess the location and fill-in-the-blank style posts.

3. Take it Outside

Think visual. Your first impression on Instagram comes down to 9 simple squares. That’s only 9 photos to tell your brand or business’ life story, and we all know that strong visuals help paint a compelling picture. A great way to shake things up? Get outside and start snapping. Take your brand into the wild, to the beach, on a bike ride, to the market. It may just change the perspective of your brand in the eyes of your audience, making you more current, relatable and timely.

Think about these ideas in terms of your own business. Can you adapt them to make them work for you? With a little forward thinking and strategic planning, you can attend one event and create enough content to entertain your audience for a whole week – maybe more!