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How to Make 2017 a Standout

Modern Marketing

January 4, 2017

As many of us at Social School HQ are riding high on juice cleanses, we hope you too are inspired to grow, create and expand this year – whatever that looks like.

Find that Chinese proverb that speaks to you, sign up for those two weeks of unlimited spin class and follow these tips to make more of your personal and marketing resolutions a reality in 2017:

1. Be Real

Don’t be afraid to be honest and #liveauthentic. Yes, this hashtag has become a bit of a joke, but it’s never been more important to take being genuine seriously. We are consistently bombarded with reminders that our lives should be perfect thanks to the polished social media feeds forever in our faces, or we are accused of making our own worlds appear that way. This will continue to be a topic of discussion as long as we use social media to tell our stories and promote our businesses. But remember – you get to decide what moments to let your online audience be a part of and which moments should be left for only those involved. Wherever you fall on the privacy spectrum, we’re becoming all-too-aware of the absolute imperativeness of truth and honesty in both our own marketing efforts and those of our clients, while remaining as professional as possible, and aiming to let people connect with us a little more.

2. Walk Tall

Stop being so hard on yourself! Surround yourself with positive people, celebrate your successes (even the little ones) and literally stand up straight. You know the statistics around body language and positive thinking, but this year we encourage you to think about what it is that will boost your confidence, light you up each morning, and help you truly set sail in your business and your life. As our friend and mentor Jonathan Fields likes to say, what are you doing to build a life you love alongside your living?

3. Hustle Hard

Adopting the hustle mentality can be, well, a hustle. We can all feel burnt out, particularly as modern marketers, small business owners and entrepreneurs, but here are a few ways to rehydrate your hustle:

  • Set creative time. Allow yourself to let your mind wander, turn off the screens, listen to music and get out your notebook. Pen to paper in an inspiring place can be a magical thing.
  • Collaborate. Connect with someone you want to learn from. Take them for coffee and ask them a few questions. Commit to lifelong learning, and never stop expanding your connections.
  • Gain Inspiration. Find a few dozen brands you love online and follow their social media accounts. Listen to podcasts and read some awesome books that keep you learning all year long.

4. Love Life

Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take some risks. Life is happening now, and you only get one.

5. Conquer Content

Create content that inspires, educates and connects with your audience. Keep it tight, visual and valuable. Always ask yourself – why does anyone care? What am I adding to the conversation? If it is hard to answer these questions, do not waste your time and energy creating content that no one wants to consume.

6. Climb High

Set goals and commit wholeheartedly to meeting them. Make them realistic and trackable. Write down what it is you want to accomplish, the parameters of each, and exactly how you will reach them. Set check-in dates and ways to track your progress. We all know how to improve, we just have to start climbing!

7. Dream Big

The general sentiment on social media was that 2016 was “the worst”, so how are we going to change that in 2017? What do you want from this year? Maybe your 2016 was amazing, how will your repeat that in 2017? What if you weren’t afraid of anything? Dreaming is not about being impractical or rubbing a lamp and waiting for a genie. Dreaming is casting vision for the future. So allow your thinking to diverge before it converges on the action plan.

8. Keep Learning

Truly commit yourself to knowledge and growth. Instead of scrolling social media first thing in the morning, read an article that interests you or crush a podcast on your way to work. Watch YouTube tutorials, keep a list of books and documentaries you want to see in your phone. Take in some classes. Maybe it’s a cake decorating class or online tutorial, but whatever it is, challenge yourself to pack some valuable new knowledge in your head week after week, month after month. Because mad skills and major learns don’t just appear on their own.

Let’s make 2017 a standout year!