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In Focus: Facebook Groups

Modern Marketing

August 21, 2019

by: Lucy DunneFounder of Dunnebells

Facebook pages are dead, Facebook groups are in!

Building and promoting a community in a Facebook group has been one of the best things for my company Dunnebells. In this article you’ll discover why and how you can easily get started on doing this yourself.

Dunnebells is active on several social media channels, but Facebook has so many built-in tools to help you create and grow your community that it is hard to resist. I tried some third party applications which allowed my clients and community to connect but the reality is it was just “one more thing” they needed to download, remember a password to and get notified non-stop about. It didn’t work. The people I was targeting were already on Facebook and were familiar with how to use the platform, so it just made sense.

Why Facebook Groups?

I believe Facebook groups are working well for me because like attracts like. Let me explain that further.. When a community is built well and full of wonderful people who enjoy participating in conversation – other people want to be part of it. Community has been my primary focus from the very beginning, and there is something magical about watching women from all over the world connect, support, empower and encourage each other like friends.

How does it fit into your marketing strategy?

Facebook groups are at the top of my sales funnel. They act as a low barrier to entryway for people who are interested in Dunnebells to learn more about what who we are, what we’re about, who is in our community and how to be a good human while in the group. Our main goal using Facebook groups in our marketing strategy is to create awareness. We want to attract people who haven’t heard about us or don’t know what we do, pull them into a community of camaraderie and support, while promoting the exclusive and unique services that only Dunnebells provides.


1.59 billion people are active on Facebook every single day. A facebook group is FREE, and if used correctly, this powerful platform will help you tap into the nearly 2 billion people online.

The top 3 benefits of using Facebook groups:

  1. Massive awareness
  2. Phenomenal community builder
  3. Easy way to deliver information

Words of wisdom

My advice to those thinking about starting a Facebook group would be to make a loose plan before creating the group.

Ask yourself:

  • Will you have some private Facebook groups only for paying clients?
  • Will you have a public group that anyone can join?
  • How much time will you dedicate to doing things like LIVE broadcasts inside your Facebook group?
  • Do you have someone who can be the “community manager” inside the group to spark conversation?

While these questions and more are important to consider, don’t let the answers (or lack thereof) hold you back. Start the group and learn along the way.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, so while I wish my group grew more quickly in the beginning, it would have also never allowed me to learn so many lessons along the way. I feel blessed to have hundreds of women around the world speaking to each other every single day. Sharing wins, communicating their struggles, being more vulnerable than ever and rallying around each other when it is needed. It is so beautiful and has grown with time.

Content Curation

!I typically used a combination of my own repurposed content in the group, but more recently the majority of my content is user generated. Some examples of posts today:

  • Finally got my first Tattoo ✅
    Looking forward to getting more 😂
  • I definitely did some moving today. I wasn’t planning on doing anything other than watching Evolution on the Amazon Prime, but then my friend asked me to join her on a run. So 4km later, I feel sweaty and hungry, but proud!
  • I’m in need of new macro friendly breakfast ideas. What are your faves?!? I’m getting bored of my yogurt and granola.
  • Starting to work on my August Goal…meal planning

Each time someone posts, the community races to answer questions and keep the conversation going. We have held Facebook community events, put together a team of 30 to race the 13km Spartan in Calgary and some women have posted photos in the group after travelling around the world and meeting up with someone they knew from the group!


There isn’t too much work involved in moderating the group. I am lucky that the group members are amazing and like to connect and learn from each other – which is the most magical part of this journey! I would suggest checking in on the group once a day to lightly engage by commenting or ‘liking’ posts.

Private vs. open

Dunnebells has two groups available: one private and one open group. Private is for paying clients only and isn’t able to be found unless you are a Dunnebells online personal training client. The open group does require some screening questions to be answered so we can ensure you are aware of the rules and your goals of joining the group align with the community’s. I would recommend having both an open and a closed Facebook group to start off, and see how that works.


My biggest surprise in starting and building this community is the way people show up for each other. It is so powerful when a stranger posts about an accomplishment and someone across the world is giving them a virtual high-five. In a world where human connection is lacking, I feel the Facebook groups we’ve created are bridging the gap and making it easier to connect and show love to strangers every single day.

Want to take a look on the inside of the Dunnebells public Facebook group? Click this link to take a peek.

Until next time, stay strong. Be the fire.

Lucy <3