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Infographic: Bad Buzzwords

Modern Marketing

March 9, 2020

Every generation has a list of slang words that, looking back, they regret saying.

infographic. marketing buzzwords.png

Most of the time these slang words can be forgiven as a momentary lapse of sanity.

The only time slang words are unforgivable is when they’re used to describe professional processes. Continuing to use these buzzwords creates the opposite effect, and in fact diminishes the importance of the overall goal.

So please; can we start the decade off on the right foot and stop using these words?

Much appreciated!

How slang spreads:

  • Hears a specific word for the first time
  • Hates the word
  • Uses the word ironically
  • Can’t stop using it ironically
  • Using it more than just ironically
  • Help
  • I can’t stop
  • It’s lit fam