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Instagram Auto-Posting has Arrived

Modern Marketing

February 15, 2018

“You can now schedule your content and watch it magically appear on your grid.” – Planoly

auto-post-2.gifBelated Christmas gifts have been arriving weekly in the form of Instagram auto-posting, thanks to the long-awaited opening of Insta’s API to developers and third-party Instagram apps, tools and programs.

The first to the party was Hootsuite, who announced in early February their game-changing ability to not just send a push notification to your phone when your scheduled Instagram post was due for publishing, but actually pushing it live for you. Set it and forget it, so to speak. 

Next to the table is Planoly, our favourite Insta planning tool thanks to its ability to beautifully layout your grid, drag and drop in new images, load up your copy and hashtags, and schedule them to your calendar. But without that final step of auto-posting among its list of swanky services, it served as more of a visual planning exercise than a time-saver, which left us turning to Schedugram and Grum to take things to the finish line (i.e. posted live) for our major client accounts at Press + Post.

As we oft repeated in class at The Social School or to anyone who’d listen, no, Grum doesn’t have secret API access that other platforms don’t, it just has real humans (or monkeys?) on the backend sending things live. Or so we could only assume, and the monthly subscription price reflected this.

So with no apparent downside to this fab Instagram news (yet, although we’ll be closely monitoring reach between posting natively to Instagram vs. via Planoly and co.), and a whole new level of usefulness to our beloved Instagram tools, it’s feeling a lot like Christmas around here. Plus, it’s still minus-freaking-20 degrees out, so there’s that. 

Care to learn more from the horse’s mouth? Hootsuite’s first-to-the-punch announcement, followed by Planoly’s fashionably-late-but-fabulous news.

Happy auto-posting!

Oh, and one last thing to blow your Instagram game out of this world… check THIS. [Hint: How to create a shoppable Instagram feed. Boo.Ya.]