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The instructors are EXTREMELY approachable and genuinely care about you and they want to help you succeed. Kelly is creating something huge here and I will forever be a part of it."

"I joke that I don’t want to be left behind in this digital world."

"Since completing the Social Media Marketing Certificate, I have tripled my income in the social media space and have expanded my business offering to incorporate Public Relations, Brand Guides and Social Media Marketing Strategy. 

"Social School was a game-changer for me."



The programs, tools and skills I learned through the certificate are still in daily use, and I have then taught my team those skills. I am a better business owner, marketer, photographer, designer and strategist as a result. I am forever in their debt."

"It changes so fast and I feel Social School is exactly what the world needs to be up to date on all things social media and more.

kim folkins

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