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Is your Homepage Letting your Business Down?

Modern Marketing

July 20, 2020

The homepage on your company website could be the reason your site isn’t getting enough traction and ultimately hurting your company sales and bottom

Consider how your homepage functions and what it offers to your visitors.

Homepages must be high quality, visual appealing, effective and include dialogue interactivity. Website homepages should take a user on a journey that lets them make their own choices.

It is important that your homepage appeals to both existing and potential visitors. You want it to be tightly focused, as it should address your target market in the easiest way. Change your homepage based on user experience and data analytics. Remove unnecessary distractions and focus on simple design that provides guidelines and relevance to your audience’s interests. Establish trust and credibility by including testimonials, references, awards and error free content.

When analyzing your homepage, put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Think about where they click, what they want to see and the information they are hoping to read.

Listed below are some homepage statistics to consider to make sure your homepage is functioning at its highest potential.


  • 94% of first impressions of websites relate to its design
  • 48% of viewers link a company’s website design on their credibility
  • A website that follows an appealing and effective design is 68% more likely to achieve the company’s goals
  • 94% of bad website feedback is related to its design
  • 38% of people will stop using your website if the content on your homepage isn’t aesthetically pleasing

Usability and Speed

  • 70% of business websites fail because of bad website usability
  • 27% of users drop-off each extra second your page takes to load

What people want to see

  • 85% – Products and services
  • 64% – Contact information
  • 52% – Company information
  • 27% – Testimonials
  • 23% – Marketing collateral
  • 12% – Social media icons
  • 8% – Blogs
  • 2% – Pricing

Behavioural Trends

  • 36% of visitors will click the company logo to get to your homepage after reaching a company’s website
  • 70% of small business websites do not a call-to-action (CTA) on their homepage