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Learn how to laser target your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns and promoted posts onto an area as tight as a single building, city block, or live event.

While the practice of DIRECTING our content and ad campaigns toward a particular geographical area isn't new, the ability to make it regionally tight and tailored enough to be effective can be a challenge.

The reason? Facebook Audience Manager allows us to choose a target city, but narrow it only to within a 10-mile radius – which often nets a fairly gigantic group of people.

hands down, one of the most powerful audience types around.

Geotargeting done right.

Because we want to avoid this 'spray-and-pray' approach with our ads and promoted posts, and instead 'drip' our value-driven message into just the right devices, newsfeeds and inboxes, we want to take this geotargeting one step further and narrow our audience into a very small region.

Perhaps even something as snug as a singular city block, a conference centre, office tower or institution. From there, we can also layer on additional filters like interests, behaviours, demographic and psychographic factors. 

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you wanted to tell a group of female [gender] nurses [job title] with a passion for fashion [interest] about your new line of scrubs [the product], but rather than targeting an entire city or region, you wanted to narrow in on a few key hospitals [your target audience's place of work] for a better chance of success.

your small home theatre company doesn't have the resources to appear at the annual Home Renovation Show coming through your city's main conference centre next month, but you want to ensure you capture people's attention while they're in attendance, and in the 14 dayS that follow.

For example, if we create an audience using the city of Melbourne, the smallest possible area we can target is a 10-mile radius – which includes an enormous 4,100,000 people. If we use a pin drop on Melbourne's city centre instead, we can narrow the radius down to just 1 mile, but we still net 370,000 people in our audience base.

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