SEO made simple – no outsourcing or search engine overwhelm in sight.

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SEO Made Simple – No Empty Promises or Overwhelm in Sight

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July 6, 2021

Ready to finally speak the language of search engine optimization, and see a huge rise in your search ranking as a result?

Us too.

For far too long, search engine optimization has been painted as an overly complicated mystery of back-end coding and secretive science. A realm reserved for a select group of people who apparently understand the internet, algorithms and human behaviour far better than the rest of us.

While there is indeed an art and science to effective SEO, it’s also something that can absolutely be learned and executed in-house by the smallest of startups to the most powerful global brands. 

How is it that search engine optimization has become increasingly user friendly and easily understood over time, you ask?

Partly, it’s thanks to search engine evolution, and the fact that Google, among others, is decades wiser and more established than it was when SEO remained a daunting subject among average internet users and website owners alike. 

Legacy search specialists, if we can call them that, were optimizing sites to be discovered and served up in search queries according to the language of bit and bots, crawlers and spiders.

Black hat, underhanded tactics were commonplace for those who knew how to game the system, by publishing volumes of nonsensical keyword-stuffed articles, building fake backlinks and unsubstantiated domain authority, and satisfying search engines with exactly the terms and placements they were looking for.

Optimistic organizations being promised ‘Page 1 search ranking’ were unaware and uninformed, and led to believe this search optimization magic was something only an internet savant could deliver.

What changed? Google got smarter. And thankfully, so did the average company.

After years of refining, learning and iteration, Google’s search engine indexing capabilities now act far more like a human than a robot.

For us lay people and non-robot-types, this is very good news.

Google is now intelligent enough to know when a website is fake, its content stolen or plagiarized, its links broken, or its SEO tactics shady. 

Today, Google’s algorithm does a remarkable job of rewarding sites for employing the essential, legitimate search optimization practices we are ALL capable of implementing. 

This comes down to building a site that helps the right people find the right solutions at the right time for the right reasons.

Social School | WTF is SEO

Meaning – we no longer need to outsource our SEO efforts to a far-flung stranger promising us top search ranking results, when the fundamental SEO steps we’re about to outline are so easily actioned.

Beyond easy, these steps are also incredibly powerful.

For most modern businesses, their primary pain point is not creating a standout product or service, or earning rave reviews and repeat customers.

In an increasingly competitive, global, and virtual economy, the challenge lies in getting seen online and found in search by prospective customers.

Thus, if we can take matters into our own hands with simple steps that move us toward higher search rankings, increased web traffic and better overall visibility – no paid advertising, coding or ‘expert’ outsourcing required, it is time very well spent indeed.

With that, we bring you our Simplified SEO Roadmap, featuring  10 ways to rise the search rankings, grow your reach, and future-proof your business. 

Download it here, stick with us throughout the month of July as we uncover today’s top SEO tips and tools for non-SEO nerds, and then join us for our FREE Monthly Masterclass on July 22, where we’ll map out the most important keywords to use in your content, website and campaigns, and implement them LIVE on the spot.

Ready, set, let’s rank!