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Snapchat Says “No” to Moms?!

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September 29, 2016

snapchatnotomoms.jpegSnapchat just announced the coming release of Snapchat Spectacles, but as they continue to evolve and invent, are they telling a more mature demographic they are ‘not eligible’ to play?

My friend messaged me to say that her mom had tried to join Snapchat, only to receive a message saying “it doesn’t seem that you are eligible for Snapchat, thank you for your interest”. Was this because of her age?

I discovered this allegation to be false (and simply an error in the registration process), but it led me to try and tackle the question of whether there is a place for Snapchat in business when your target demographic is older than 24 years old.

Some 200 million users are out there RIGHT NOW, producing an unfathomable amount of photo and video-based content – and that includes a number of reputable international hotels, airlines and notable entrepreneurs, proving how powerful Snapchat can be for marketing your business.

Snapchat reports that 60% of its user are under 24 years old, and only 2% are above the age of 55 (sorry moms – not banned, just not representing your age demographic).

We know this isn’t for everyone, but we do think there are a few compelling reasons why you might be missing out. We’ve compiled a quick list outlining why Snapchat should indeed be part of your marketing game plan.

The green stuff 
If you’ve got some extra dollar bills to throw around, the sky’s the limit. From customized geo filters, social influencer takeovers and Snapchat ads, there’s a lot you can do to corner your market. However, if you’re in start-up mode, you’ve still got lots of options. Without spending a dime, you’ve still just gained access to a database with millions and millions of subscribers. Talk about untapped potential.

Storytellers wanted  
The success of your account hinges on a few key factors, one of those being: are you able to tell a good story? As in, weave in consistent content, roll out unique editorial ideas, or launch clever campaigns? Followers will come back for more, guaranteed. Not sure what we mean? Check out the Sour Patch Kids (@sourpatchsnaps).

Lights, camera, action
What better time to tell a story than during an event? Speaker sessions, team building, PR events and grand openings are all great ways to shine a spotlight on who you are and what you represent. This is an excellent opportunity to build authentic content around your brand.

Let people join your tribe 
The way today’s top brands build loyalty is by making people feel like they’re part of the club. Give your viewers a peek at new products before they launch, let them meet the people behind the scenes, or showcase what ‘Fun Friday’ looks like in the office. Your followers will eat this up.

Sell, sell, sell
Nothing motivates people to buy like an offer with an expiration date. In the case of Snapchat there’s a need to “act now” to take advantage of offers and discounts, and guess what? It really works. Just ask companies like Amazon who now use this app to move massive amounts of product.

Still haven’t made up your mind? Do not fret! There are plenty more Snapchat learns and insider info to be had at our big blast of an annual conference known as The Post – Canada’s Modern Marketing Forum, taking place October 24-26th in #yyc. Sign up now.