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High Converting Social Content Ideas

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February 15, 2019

pexels-photo-355948.jpegThe number one thing we get asked when it comes to content writing is, “what am I going to say”. Since you’re the expert in your field, we know you have lots to say, but sometimes it’s hard to formulate that for social media. That’s where we come in.

The first step in content creation is defining your content pillars. A content pillar is an overarching theme that you content falls into. Examples of content pillars are educate, community, and inspire. Of course your content doesn’t have to fit into one of these three examples. You get to choose what your pillars are and they need to make sense for your business and industry. Try thinking about your pillars in terms of your business’ values.

Once you have your content pillars nailed down, you can come up with different content types or categories that fit within each pillar.

Let’s dive into our top ten content categories:

  1. Did You Know? 

    A great way to share important info about your brand, products or services all while educating your audience about something they didn’t know.

  2. Behind the Scenes

    Customers want the inside scoop. They want to feel like they’re getting exclusive content from the brands they follow online.

  3. Testimonials

    Let someone else sing your praises. Have a customer testimonial or Google Review? Repurpose that or a portion of it into a social caption (always best practice to ask permission first).

  4. Mythbusters

    Does your industry have a lot of myths surrounding it? Try busting some of them as a way to let people know the real facts.

  5. Interviews

    Who would your audience want to hear from? The CEO? An existing customer? Interview someone and share it to social (bonus points if you share it as a video)!

  6. Reveals and Unboxings

    Perfect for product-based businesses who have something to show their audience. Just received a shipment of 10 boxes? Record a quick video of you opening the new stuff, people love that!

  7. Facts & Stats

    Sometimes you just need to deliver the facts. Can you turn an interesting stat into a caption on social media? We bet you can.

  8. FAQs

    A goldmine of content at your fingertips. What are the FAQs that you are asked all the time? Make a weekly series where you answer one each week. #TipTuesday

  9. How To’s

    It’s been said that you can make anything interesting or more relevant by adding the words “How-To”. Educate your customers on something relevant to your business.


    Find a few inspiring quotes that relate to your business or at the very least, your target audience. Sometimes a post that simply entertains or inspires your audience is the best bet.

There you have it. A few ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Helping you answer the age old question “what am I going to say?”. Now it’s time to put pen to paper, or perhaps more accurately, fingers to keyboard and get (content) creating. Good luck!