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Social School’s game-changing Social Media marketing courses and certifications are the most timely how-to training programs of their kind.

Get skilled, Get social.

"I have zero interesting content to share or stories to tell."

"I'm more short-staffed than ever, and I don't have the time – or the skills."

"I don't know what to post, and I'm afraid of sounding like an egomaniac."

"Everyone else is so much better at this, and I will never get a handle on these skills or this technology."

"I feel like a failure as a marketer / entrepreneur / communicator / modern business professional."

"I didn't grow up with the internet."

"If something doesn't change soon, I'm going to have to close my doors."

And yet, with each passing week you feel further behind, unsure of where to begin, and swamped with countless other obligations in your work.

You keep telling yourself this is the year you're going to figure it out.

Publishing creative, compelling and effective content to your social feeds can feel like a full-time job.

Without a doubt..

an effective social strategy could finally get your business seen, scaling, and succeeding like never before, and executing social properly has got to be easier than it seems

However, you're well aware that...

regularly publishing content to your social platforms keepS you top of mind with existing customers, while magnetizing new ones your way

the most effective and affordable way to reach your audience is to show up where they are – on social media

getting strategic with your social marketing would allow you to rest easy knowing your content is driving revenue your way while you sleep – FOR FREE

showing up to serve your audience with the knowledge, insights and expertise that's hiding within you and your colleagues would feel incredible, and is long overdue

With an effective social strategy in place, and the skills needed to seamlessly execute or confidently outsource, you could actually focus on running and growing your business while your content works wonders in the background.

with creative and consistent posting, you could confidently step in at any time to engage, go live, or publish new content, because your feeds are fresh and on point

your strategic social solution is here.


"It was more than just social media. It was a crash course in branding, marketing, graphic design and photography and how to apply these fundamentals to social media. These courses were absolutely the best money spent and I know the skills learned will take our social media marketing to the next level."

"The Social Media Marketing Certificate completely changed the way I looked at our social media marketing - in the best way!"



"We have been dabbling in social media for years and been to many courses, but never successfully brought everything together. I left optimistic that we have a plan we can work with."

"This program came at the perfect time for our company."

chris pollen

battistella developments

"We always felt understood and supported and would recommend Social School to anyone who is struggling to find their way in social media. Kelly is the definition of a leader, someone who found what she is best in the world at and is elevating her company, her community and her clients through her talents."

"It's inspiring to learn from women who are not only passionate, but extremely knowledgeable in their field."

Dione Setoguchi

"I came out of the course with more tools and knowledge than I ever expected and a confidence in myself to apply the skills I learned."

"I can't say enough about how the education and mentorship from Social School has positively affected my start-up business."



"I took the Digital Strategy course and it allowed me to be more informed, objective and critical when reviewing our digital campaigns. Social School did an excellent job of teaching the ol' dog new tricks."

"Kelly and the team at Social School were excellent."



This game-changing virtual offering allows you to purchase individual courses as you see fit, or to complete all five as one certification program, and earn a sought-after professional designation along the way.

Learn from wherever you are, whenever you like with Social School's renowned Social Media Marketing Program, where the courses, tools and takeaways are best in class, and lifetime access is yours for the taking.

5 courses
5,000 graduates
1 world-class certification

100% built to get you moving

a program that is

Immediately upon registration, your courses become available in your custom Social School Academy learning library, featuring videos, downloads and supplemental materials, all easily accessible via desktop or app.

customized dashboard

Move through your training at whatever pace you like, on a schedule that complements your existing commitments. And with unlimited lifetime access to all course materials and updates, you can revisit the materials as often as you need.

unlimited access

Social School is built on a mission to not only inspire, but equip. Each of the Social Media Marketing courses features a powerful activation workbook, designed to leave you ready for immediate action and implementation of your learns.

actionable tools

A program that is

Three ways to learn:




USD x3 installments, DUE 30 DAYS APART

ready to get started?

An exclusive 'guided' certification program offered just once per year to a limited number of participants

1.  Self-Guided Online Courses or Certificate program

2.  Live Online Certificate Program

(Learn anytime, from anywhere)

(Guided virtual training)

Benefit from a hybrid of virtual learning and live online instruction, guidance and support, plus an incredible community of fellow learners

A self-paced virtual learning stream that grants you immediate access the moment you purchase

Choose to invest in one Social Media Marketing course at a time, or opt for all 5 by purchasing the certificate option 

Enjoy lifetime access to your courses via your customized learning library, available anytime on desktop or mobile app

Benefit from the continuous evolution of the course curriculum and learning materials – all of them updated annually

Proceed through your course(s) at whatever pace you like, in a way that complements your current commitments

This stream is a certificate-only option, with one course delivered each week for five consecutive weeks

Enjoy lifetime access to your courses and all learning materials and updates, available anytime via desktop or app 

Proceed through your certification at a pace that's geared for timely completion, with plenty of support and feedback along the way

WANT THE live online stream?
Enroll now in the self-guided online stream, and let the immediate learning and launching begin. Choose individual courses, or dive into the certificate.
Grab a spot in the Winter 2021 cohort, and get ready to grow your social game!


self-guided online Individual Courses

self-guided online Certificate Program


live online 5-week Certificate Program

USD per course






A renowned in-person certification program offered just once per year to a very limited number of students

3. Live In-Person Certificate Program

(Classroom training)

Join a motivated group of like-minded learners in the Social School classroom, combined with a private online learning hub

This stream is a certificate-only option, with one course taught – and activated – each week for five consecutive weeks

Enjoy lifetime access to your Cohort's course materials, replays, discussions and curriculum updates, available anytime via desktop or app 

Proceed through your certification at a pace that's geared for timely completion, with all the support, interaction, accountability and feedback you need along the way

WANT THE live IN-PERSON stream?
Secure your seat in the Winter 2021 cohort, and see you soon for some serious learns!

live in-person 5-week Certificate Program



Discover the Grants

Need funding?

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Unparalleled learning material, case studies and platform demos, developed by Social School's team of industry-leading faculty, are the foundation of every Social Media Marketing course.

Timely training videos and behind the scenes demos


The training

World-class tools, cheatsheets and prompting exercises designed to plant the seeds of inspiration and catapult you into activation, come standard in every course.

Countless resources and action items


The tools

If a like-minded social media marketing community is your idea of an ideal add-on to your training, along with continued training, tools, and insights, we have just the thing.

Ongoing insights, info, support and accountability


Next steps

The Social Club and The Content Club are purpose-built to support your learning and get your brilliant content off the ground month after month, alongside an army of collaborative peers and accountability partners.

The outcomes

Highly actionable social media goals set and primed to be met


Target personas created, defined and ready for locating, reaching and engaging


Your brand's purpose clearly identified, along with the tone in which it's conveyed

brand voice

Your content pillars and categories determined, alongside key messages and social soundbites

content plan

Your 12-month editorial calendar populated with milestones, tactics, campaigns and posts

editorial calendar

Social media templates designed in Canva, ready to be repurposed and reused month after month

graphic assets

Sourced and curated imagery for use on social, and knowledge of the best editing apps and tools

photo & video assets

Scheduled posts for the weeks and months ahead, using your automation tools of choice

scheduling tools

Facebook Business Suite set up, including Pages, People, Audiences and Ad Accounts

paid strategy

Strategic targeting of your cold, warm and hot audiences with Facebook and Instagram content

promoted content

Understanding of your key metrics to measure, with tailored growth benchmarks established

social insights

Creative and technical tools for continuous improvement of your social reach and return


1. goals

Highly actionable social media goals set and primed to be met

2. audiences

Target personas created, defined and ready for locating, reaching and engaging

3. brand voice

Your brand's purpose clearly identified, along with the tone in which it's conveyed

4. content plan

Your content pillars and categories determined, alongside key messages and social soundbites

5. editorial calendar

Your 12-month editorial calendar populated with milestones, tactics, campaigns and posts

6. graphic assets

Social media templates designed in Canva, ready to be repurposed and reused month after month

7. photo & video assets

Sourced and curated imagery for use on social, and knowledge of the best editing apps and tools

8. scheduling tools

Scheduled posts for the weeks and months ahead, using your automation tools of choice

9. paid strategy

Facebook Business Suite set up, including Pages, People, Audiences and Ad Accounts

10. promoted content

Strategic targeting of your cold, warm and hot audiences with Facebook and Instagram content

11. social insights

Understanding of your key metrics to measure, with tailored growth benchmarks established

12. post optimization

Creative and technical tools for continuous improvement of your social reach and return

The kind of content marketing programs that attract entirely new prospective clientele, without having to pay a fortune to reach them.

We're also talking about social media strategies that are executed without a mind-blowing level of skill, experience or resources, by people who are not, despite what you might believe, some type of social media savant.

The brands and businesses succeeding on social are simply committed, consistent, and willing to dive into the unprecedented landscape of free tools at their fingertips. They are authentically showing up in the places where billions of people devote their undivided attention to on a daily basis. That's it.

It's time to tap in.

The kind of social-driven success that starts with engaged followers and ends with sales.

To which we point out the tens of thousands of social accounts and marketing programs gaining incredible traction, no matter their vertical, offering or audience.

Time and time again we see people paralyzed by inaction and uncertainty, afraid of saying, posting or publishing the wrong thing in the wrong place.

Or, they claim social media simply 'doesn't work' for them, their industry, their business model, or their target demographic.


Kelly and Jaimie –

meet your instructors:

next-level nerds

We've worked with hundreds of businesses, from start-up to scale-up to international success, and we know what works.

The Curriculum

COMPETITOR ANALYSIS - Conduct an in-depth analysis of several leading social accounts, both within your industry and beyond

SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT - Determine your current market position, platform utilization, and audience reach and engagement

PLATFORM BY PLATFORM - Discover the standout aspects of today’s top social spaces, and where the greatest opportunities lie

CURRENT LANDSCAPE AND TRENDS - Learn the role and state of today’s social platforms, and their trending features for the year ahead 

Module 1:

Audit & Identify

OPPORTUNITY IDENTIFICATION - Determine which social platforms to invest in, according to your resources, realm and current market position

CASE STUDIES - Standout business accounts and why they’re winning in their reach, resonance and revenue as a result

FORWARD PLANNING - Solidify your events, launches, campaigns and happenings for the 12 months ahead

TARGET AUDIENCE IDENTIFICATION - Learn as much as possible about your audience and create an ideal customer profile

SET SMART GOALS - Identify the purpose of your social media marketing and set measurable milestones

Module 2:

Purpose & Planning

MARKETING MIX - Finalize your overarching marketing and communications tactics and to-do’s for the year ahead

CONTENT PILLARS - Zero in on your standout content pillars, categories and formats

MONTHLY THEMES - Identify what, when and where to post content to your various social channels

KEY MESSAGES - Define the 5-10 most integral things for people to know about your business

Module 3:

Strategy & Tactics

SOCIAL BUDGET - Budgeting your time and resources in a way that’s sustainable and poised for growth

social media strategy
social media strategy

Get ready to refine your message, define your voice and establish your ideal content platforms, purpose, audience and strategy. Whether you’re just starting out or deep into your content marketing and social media platforms, our Social Media Strategy Course is designed to get you crystal clear on what your social media marketing efforts entail, where to focus your resources, and how to see massive returns to your business and bottom line as a result.

course #1

THE ELEVATOR PITCH - Nailing your elevator pitch short and long, and committing to complete clarity in all your communications

THE ABOUT - Solidifying who you are, what you offer and why you do what you do 

CREATING KILLER CONTENT - Crafting content in a way that speaks directly to your ideal customer and compels them into immediate action

Module 1:

Brand & Voice

DEFINING YOUR BRAND VOICE - Articulating your brand’s voice and the tone in which it is conveyed

THE MAKINGS OF A PERFECT POST - How to hook your audience with punchy headlines, hooks and hashtags

WEEKLY & QUARTERLY CONTENT CALENDARS - Map your social marketing from top to bottom using world-class planning tools and scheduling software

THE KEYSTONE CONTENT PLAN - Discover the ultimate formula for bringing your ‘pillar’ content to life week after week, and seamlessly filling your post bank along the way

PLATFORMS, PILLARS & CATEGORIES - Mapping out your content themes over the course of the year

Module 2:

Posts & Process

SOCIAL STYLE GUIDE - Your go-to formatting, tagging and language do’s and don’ts

CAMPAIGN SPRINGBOARDS - Dreaming up your world-class creative campaigns by season, event or inspiration

CONTENT ACTIVATION - Taking your brilliant new pillars, posts and platform plans, and plugging 7 days of content into your automation tool of choice

MORE TOOLS, APPS, HACKS & TRICKS - Additional resources to take your content to the next level

AUTOMATION TOOLS - Platforms, tools and tech to put your plan and process into action, and save you a ton of time

STRATEGIC SCHEDULING - How scheduled content makes it happen, and live content keeps it real

Module 3:

Publishing & Automation

content writing & publishing
content writing & publishing

Discover how to write posts and craft content your audience can’t get enough of, while mastering the imperative art of digital storytelling. Integrating custom content pillars and categories and weaving your brand themes into standout stories that will engage, inform and entertain your growing on and offline audience. Implementing tools, tactics and timelines relevant to your business that perfectly blend both scheduled and live content, keep you moving forward, and drive enormous results.

course #2

Colour theory: Pick the right shades, palette and placements for your brand and its many visual elements

Typeface: Bring your words to life with fonts that captivate your audience and compliment your digital campaigns 

Getting started guide: No graphic design experience, no budget for a program? No problem.

Module 1:

Fonts & Fusion

The specs: How to upload, resize and reformat your photos and videos for various platforms and placements 

The image bank: Gather, plan, capture and create images to fill your content needs, months in advance

Go pro: Transform into your own in-house graphics guru using templates, trending content, and Canva

Module 2:

Gather & Capture

Build it out: Create business cards, posters, ads and social graphic templates for repurposing and repeat use

Bring it to life: Learn how to tie your design work together, export your imagery and upload it to your feeds 

Design cohesion: Effectively arrange your design elements and employ recurring brand filters

Together at last: Marry text with photo, information with imagery

Module 3:

Combine & Create

diy graphic design
diy graphic design

At the heart of every great communications, content marketing and social media strategy lies a bank of beautiful imagery and stunning graphics that captures hearts and minds and entices them into action. And if visual content has officially taken over the Internet, the years ahead are poised to be a virtual smorgasbord of standout visuals and design, and growing audience expectations. Are you delivering?

course #3

Subject matter: Identify what type of imagery best tells your story, and where to find it

10 rules of composition: Imperative guidelines to follow when composing a photo that resonates

Current landscape: Discover how photography is evolving into an ever-more accessible art

Module 1:

Photo & Video Theory

Lighting: Learn how to leverage light to the fullest in your photography efforts, and the various classifications

Case studies: Who's shooting it out of the park, and how strong visuals can sell for days

Software 101: The top apps for photo edits and enhancements, executed with ease

Hardware 101: An overview of the mobile accessories designed to bring next-level success to your photography efforts

The fundamentals: How to capture crazy effective photos on your phone, plus a few surprise tricks

Module 2:

Photography for Social

Story design: Discover the six pillars that make up a great story, and design your own strategic storyboard 

The 4 Ps + A + D: Identify plot, purpose, people and place for your video, plus intended audience and distribution channels 

Story vs. narrative: Understand these two foundational video formats, and how one complements the other

Module 3:

Video for Social

Video types: Learn the various video formats and where to best employ them in your business

Editing tools: Learn which apps are better suited for basic vs. advanced editing, and take your videos to next level success

Publish and promote: Understand how and when to publish your video content, and the best ways to get it seen

mobile photo & video
mobile photo & video

It’s never been more important to employ beautiful custom imagery into your digital marketing efforts, particularly as each and every social platform becomes more visually rich, with moving imagery, autoplaying videos and plenty of algorithmic preference for image-containing content. Prepare to hone your skills, and then find, capture and curate the ideal photos, video and live content for your ongoing marketing needs and brilliant social feeds.

course #4

Analytical tools and tech: Discover the top free and paid analysis and optimization tools to help you maximize success

Post performance audit: Analyze what content is working best, and form a plan to leverage these posts into paid campaigns

Understanding your audience: Using Facebook Insights and Google Analytics to determine who's interacting, and why

Facebook Business Suite set-up: Why it's an imperative tool to use, and how to get started 

Module 1:

Analyze & Optimize

Audience overlap: Identify the level of overlap between your audience groups, and adjust and isolate them accordingly

Audience creation: Using Facebook's Audience building tool, create a set of 6-10 audiences to target according to interests, demographics, geography and other factors 

Audience types: Understanding the difference between cold, warm and hot leads, and how and when to reach them

Module 2:

Targeting & Reach

Measuring ad performance: Analyze and optimize your ads for an enviable ROAS (return on ad spend) 

Creating masterful digital campaigns: Pair iconic imagery with dynamic copy to engage, connect and convert 

Pinterest and LinkedIn ads: Target your ideal audience with promoted pins and paid posts

Facebook ad campaign creation: Prepare to target your intended audience with highly compelling promoted content and paid ads

Module 3:

Advertise & Engage

Roadmapping and re-budgeting: Create a plan for continued growth of your paid campaigns, with maximum results

digital advertising
digital advertising

While creating top shelf social content and communications materials is essential, actually getting it seen and heard is the key. Prepare to discover the art and science of strategic content promotion, amplification and analysis, and intelligent (affordable!) digital ad campaign building and management. Learn top measurement tools and tactics, best practices for promotion, optimization and targeting, and how to run effective digital ad campaigns featuring custom audiences, in-house creative, and powerful results.

course #5

5-course certificate

the comprehensive program

This renowned program combines all 5 of our proprietary Social Media Marketing courses into one spectacular virtual learning program and professional certification.

Upon completion of all 5 courses and their corresponding requirements, you’ll be the proud owner of a sought-after Social Media Marketing Certificate from Social School.

Grab a seat and prepare to get schooled on all the things that matter in marketing today – from social strategy and content mapping to photography, video, graphic design, digital advertising, and beyond.






What's next?


PICK THE DELIVERY STREAM THAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU: immediate self-guided learning, OR scheduled training with support – either live online or live in-person.

read on & get ready

upon registration, receive immediate instructions to access your course dashboard and all accompanying materials, videos and downloads.

prepare to get schooled on all the things that matter in marketing today, from social planning and content strategy, to photography, publishing, paid reach and beyond.

circle back for continuous course updates and additions, PLUS new opportunities to further your learns, grow your reach and expand your modern marketing skills.


Don't just learn,

This training      for you if:

it's time to stop stabbing in the dark when it comes to your social media marketing

you're not prepared to abandon your fly-by-night approach to creating and publishing content

You're long overdue for a strategic plan and skills to guide your content efforts

YOU'RE currently unable to clear the space needed to learn, build and grow a winning plan

you're ready to reap the returns a smart and effective social strategy can bring

It's probably         if...

you're betting deep on a return to days of yore, where tv ads and print campaigns make it rain.



The courses in the Social Media Marketing program are built – and constantly updated with – the most timely and tactical social training, case studies, and action-oriented takeaways available today, and are designed to bring you immediately up to speed, no matter your skill level.

In other words, come as you are, and leave with immediately implementable skills, insights, and inspiration.

Whether you're a total newbie or a seasoned marketer, the Social Media Marketing Certificate and the renowned courses within it are made to help you skill up, take action, and see results.


Be sure to whitelist in your inbox so your next steps don't land in spam.

From there, simply stay tuned to your email for the course or certificate program welcome email and login instructions, which are sent your way immediately after your online purchase is completed!


While we are indeed a Canadian company based out of Calgary, AB, our student body has become increasingly international over the years. And after more than a decade of empowering tens of thousands of Canadians with modern marketing skills, we are extremely honoured to welcome digital dreamers and doers from across the globe into our fold.

The reason we shifted from CAD to US pricing in 2021 was to better accommodate this growing international clientele with a more universally recognized and utilized currency. Our product pricing is, however, GST-inclusive for Canadian residents, and our GST number is 76177 3712 RT0001. Meaning that we do indeed collect and remit GST for purchases made by Canadians, as required by law.

If, in addition to the standard purchase receipt you receive, you require a detailed tax breakdown for your own remittance or accounting purposes, we are happy to provide a second receipt for you. Please simply email, and we'll get it your way asap!

you're based in canada, SO why do you charge in us dollars?

We will be running our in-person program in a large classroom in a newly renovated downtown Calgary office building (Stephen Avenue Place) that allows for 2m+ space between each desk, and a maximum capacity of 12 students and 2 instructors in the class.

In complying with current municipal and provincial health regulations, we will be opting into the Alberta Government's Restrictions Exemption Program. We will thus be asking all attendees (both students and staff) to provide proof of double vaccination prior to attending the first class. This can be securely emailed to in advance, or shown upon arrival. We will not store your information, but rather add a simple note to your file. Should a vaccination record not be provided, proof of a negative PCR test, taken within the last 24 hours, must be provided prior to the start of each week's class.

Finally, for the added safety of our students and the greater community during this very challenging time, we will require all students and staff to wear a mask in class at all times. I'm not excited about the mask either, but if our kids can do it all day long in elementary school, I know we can too.

Thank you for your support, and we can't wait to see you.  - Kelly

What is your COVID-19 protocol for in-person training?

Unsure of where to begin with the Social Media Marketing courses or Social School as a whole?

Next to the 360 Series, the most common place our students begin their skill-building journey is with our Social Media Marketing Certificate program, either by diving into all 5 courses at once, or by starting with course #1 – Social Media Strategy, and adding on from there.

Additional tip: The 360 Series platform-specific learnings do indeed make a great side-by-side complement to our certificate programs, as the certificate courses are more overarching and strategy-focused in their teachings. Take several 360's simultaneously, or work through them sequentially, and prepare to execute like a champ.


Every course in the Social Media Marketing program consists of several modules, with a guided learning video for each, and one master downloadable course workbook. The workbook contains a series of prompts, planning tools and jump-off points to work through as the course progresses, or at the completion of the learning videos, if that's your preference.

While the total instruction time for each course is 5-6 hours, how far you take the workbook exercises and the implementation of your learnings into your marketing program or current business model is completely up to you. However, our recommendation is that you dedicate an entire day (6-8 hours) to each course.

This type of time block allows you to get the absolute most out of the training, and activate the 'ACE' model that every Social School program is built on: Actively watch the learning videos, Complete the workbook exercises, Execute and implement on the spot :)

how long does it TAKE TO COMPLETE each COURSE?

As with all courses, labs and tool kits purchased from Social School from January 1, 2020 onwards, you have unlimited access to them for life. Not only does this allow you to complete the courses as fast or slow as you like, but it means you have forever access to your learning materials and downloads, as well as the continuous updates, edits and additions the course receives. In this sense, we invite you to buy it once, and brush up on it forever.

We're quite sure there's no industry evolving quite as quickly as digital marketing, and our job at Social School is to disseminate the top opportunities and tactics for today's marketing professionals and modern businesses, before passing them onto you as quickly and effectively as we can. 

There's never been a better time to dive in, build your course lineup, bookmark your learning library, and watch your skills soar.


If this is your first time investing in a Social School course or certificate program, you'll be sent an email inviting you to log into your shiny new course dashboard (Self-Guided Online streams) or learning hub (Live Online and Live In-Person streams) the moment you register. If you don't see the email, please check your spam folder, and while you're at it, please be sure to add to your list of safe senders.

If this isn't your first rodeo and you've purchased other courses or live training programs from us, your login will be the same, but voila! The suite of courses in your library will have grown.

Once inside your Social School account, you will also be able to access your account settings, and update your email, password, notifications, and other items anytime.


While the courses and tools within your Social School course library or program hub are best viewed on a desktop or laptop screen, you can absolutely view them from a tablet or mobile device as well.

Do so by either opening the login links within a regular internet browser on your phone or tablet (we recommend Google Chrome), or via the Kajabi app (for Self-Guided courses and certificate programs) or the Mighty Networks app (for Live Online and Live In-Person programs), available on iOS and Android.

Once you've downloaded the Kajabi or Mighty Networks app, simply log in as you normally would, and your courses will appear. And don't worry – all of the above instructions (as well as login links) will be emailed to you immediately upon registration, and we promise it's dead simple!

what's the best way to consume the course materials?

Absolutely! You're not alone, and we love chatting with prospective students in order to better understand your needs and offer suggestions as to what program(s) we think would be a great fit.

Please email, let us know when you're free for a chat, and we'll schedule a call or zoom meeting from there.

Seriously... send us a note – we're standing by and can't wait to connect!

I'm still a bit unsure of where to start or what program to take. Can I talk to someone?

program faq's

Purchase protection,
Peace of mind,
Powerful results.

We believe very strongly in the teachings and takeaways within our Social Media Marketing Department, and we stand behind these courses with the most heartfelt guarantee we can give.

Our satisfaction promise

We believe very strongly in the teachings and takeaways within our Social Media Marketing Department, and we stand behind these courses with the most heartfelt guarantee we can give.

Meaning, if you're not completely satisfied with the training you received and your go-forward skill set after doing the work, we'll work with you to make it right.

Meaning, if you're not completely satisfied with the training you received and your go-forward skill set after doing the work, we'll work with you to make it right.

What is the Canada Job Grant and how does it benefit businesses?

The Canada Job Grant is part of the Government of Canada’s commitment to help ensure employees are being trained in high-demand areas.

While supporting and investing in the ongoing development and growth of the Canadian workforce, the CJG program is simultaneously designed to help employers increase employee productivity, knowledge, and retention.

At Social School, we are honoured to provide the most timely social media and digital marketing skills to modern businesses big and small, and thrilled to deliver certification programs that qualify for Canada Job Grant funding.


When should I apply and how long does it take to get approved?

As soon as you know the Social School certificate program of interest to you, we encourage you to look into your eligibility for Canada Job Grant funding. From there, it's a good idea to follow the online links in your province, and begin your online or paper application as soon as possible.

In our experience, funding applications must be received 30 days in advance of the program start date, or they may not be granted. Occasionally approvals happen in a matter of days, but this is not the norm. 

Once you receive written funding approval, or in some provinces like Alberta, you have simply submitted the application, you are then able to register in the program. 


Can I register before receiving approval in order to hold my spot?

While we cannot formally register you, we are able to reserve your seat for a limited time. Please send a note to to let us know you're in the process of applying for funding, and we'll keep in touch along the way. 

Once approved, you are required to pay in full for the program, and it is only upon completion of the certificate program that you are able to apply for reimbursement. In our experience, this has been a seamless online process, and reimbursement funds are generally issued within 1-2 weeks.

Please also note that when you apply for reimbursement, you may be asked to provide proof of payment in the form of a dated credit card or bank statement. 


What is the grant amount?

For existing employees, employers are required to cover a minimum of one-third of direct training costs, meaning two-thirds of the program cost is eligible for coverage.

In select provinces, employers may be eligible for 100% coverage of training costs when creating a new role and hiring a new full-time employee. Funds are available to an annual maximum of $10,000 per trainee and $300,000 per organization.

‘Existing employees’ are defined as current full-time employees, and ‘new employees’ are those who’ve been employed for four weeks or less, and were not full-time employed elsewhere for 30 days or more prior to being hired.


What type of employers are eligible to access CJG funding for their employees?

Eligible employers differ from region to region, and we encourage you to research program qualifications in your jurisdiction.

Generally speaking, the following employers are eligible, if and when CJG funding is available:

• All private sector and non-profit employers
• First Nations and Métis Settlements
• Some Crown agencies in communities with a population of less than 100,000


What are the qualifications for an employee? (i.e. 'trainee')

Eligible employees differ from region to region, and we encourage you to research program qualifications in your jurisdiction.

Generally speaking, the following employees are eligible, if and when CJG funding is available:

• New or existing employees that will fill current or future job vacancies
• Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or protected persons under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) entitled to work in Canada who are currently residing in the province in which they’re applying


I've done my research, reached out to the funding agency in my region, and I believe I am eligible. What's my next step?

That's great to hear! We encourage you to follow the government links and begin your funding application. If, as part of your application, you are required to submit a program quote from Social School, please send us a request via the Contact Form on our Support Hub, and include the following information: 

    • Your name, company name, work email address and direct phone number
    • The name of the Social School program for which you are applying for funding, including intended start date
    • A quick description of what you are being asked to submit so we can ensure we send you the proper document(s)

*Please note that some Canada Job Grant jurisdictions require 30 days for processing, and do not allow you to register or purchase the program prior to receiving approval. Please also take into account our 2-day turnaround time on all custom quote requests.


I'm self-employed. Can I access this funding?


Possibly! In the past, Canada Job Grant funding has only been available to full-time employees of Canadian organizations. However, some provinces have now extended funding to business owners, sole proprietors and even family members of business operators. We encourage you to look into the Canada Job Grant program in your region, and learn whether or not you qualify.

Finally, there are a growing number of localized grants, bursaries and funding initiatives designed to support entrepreneurs, contractors and self-employed individuals in furthering their skills, diversifying their qualifications, and future-proofing their businesses.

We encourage you to spend a bit of time looking into any and all programs that may be available in your region, and please let us know how we, too, can support you in your digital skill-building journey!

We have had hundreds of students access this integral funding over the years, and encourage you to explore the Canada Job Grant program in your jurisdiction. From there, please reach out if we can be of assistance with your application!

funding faq's

Funding levels vary by province, and in some regions, funding amount and availability is contingent on whether the trainee is a new or existing employee, as well as the time of year the application is received.

EVEN BETTER NEWS – In some regions, you no longer need to be full-time employed to qualify! Business owners (incorporated, unincorporated, sole-proprietor, partnerships) with 4 or fewer employees, including all owners and employed family members, are now eligible.

Great news for Canadians! ALL OF OUR CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS qualify for the federal and provincially-funded Canada Job Grant program. In most provinces, this means that TWO-THIRDS of the program cost is covered.

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