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Look no further, Social School has arrived

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February 7, 2016

Social School blog - Welcome to Social School.pngGet smart, get social at Canada’s premier digital marketing school

Be it in love, work, or life in general, the feeling of finding your calling, identifying the place you feel most at home, or – as we like to label it in these parts – landing smack in your social sweet spot, is no easy feat. But if you’re lucky, every once in a very blue moon, you may find yourself in such a happy, healthy, pinch-worthy place.

For our small but mighty army of digital marketing dorks, Social School is all of these things and more. It is, according to our Facebook bio anyway, an institution, a movement, a madly collaborative effort to bring people from all walks of life together, #inreallife and #awayfromkeyboard, to discuss, share, learn and grow their social media and online marketing game.

It was born out of something we started back in 2012 as an online PR course, mashed against our fervent and ever-growing realization that DIY learning is the new norm, social empowerment is the way of the future, and with a long enough rope, a diehard crew of cheerleaders in your corner and a well topped-up toolbox of social skills, the business world is your oyster. ANYONE’S oyster. That is, anyone with wifi and thumbs.

Enter Canada’s premier digital marketing school, here to arm you with the skills, knowledge and tools you need, either on your own or alongside your team, with courses, workshops, labs, conferences, classes and more. Whether you’re in it for The Social Club and our killer lineup of live events, are chomping at the bit to spend two insanely productive days bringing your brand or website to life via a Website Launch Lab or a several on-campus or online sessions that slingshot you into action, Social School has got you covered.

The 2016 Syllabus is now live, school is in session, and we can hardly wait to see you soon on campus or online.