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Social Video is Here to Stay

Modern Marketing

April 28, 2016

download.gifWithout a doubt, video is the new social star.

As proof, look no further than Facebook and Snapchat – both platforms now boasting 8 billion video views per day. Or YouTube, with a whopping 1 Billion users and more than 300 hours of new video content uploaded every minute. And lest we forget Vimeo and Vine, both quickly and effectively adding their own massive amounts of live action content to the mix in bite-sized minutes.  

As platforms like Facebook and Instagram race to incorporate native video hosting capabilities into their newsfeeds and keep new content kings like Snapchat and live broadcasting dynamos like at bay, the focus they’ve placed on prioritizing video has become unquestionably obvious, and exceptionally exciting.

And with this focus and a host of cool new features like live video for Facebook business pages and 60-second videos soon to be supported by Instagram, as well as the preference live and recorded video are being given by both of these platform’s algorithms, the time for brands and businesses to formulate a social video strategy is NOW.

But before we dive into how doable it is to actually create, post and repurpose all this social video has become, a closer look at how we got here. 

First, there was Meerkat. The first true instant live video streaming app that required little more than a mobile device, wifi and a steady hand, and left people losing their minds. So long expensive camera gear, bulky .mp4 files for upload to YouTube, and delays between filming and posting.

A mere month later, however, Twitter went ahead and launched Periscope, making the Meerkat t-shirts of SBSW 2015 somewhat of a collector’s item. Fast forward several more months, and Facebook boldly rolled out Facebook Mentions, a live streaming video app that was only available to public figures with verified Pages, and only useable on a mobile device, but still a majorly buzzed about new opportunity for live, real-time interaction between Page owners and fans.

And then.. ta-da!! Welcome to April 2016, where FB Live streaming video broadcasts are available to anyone with a Page and a strong internet connection. But hold on tight, because YouTube’s right there too, with live broadcasting now available to channel owners, while new kids like are making major inroads by the minute as a reliable, easy and FREE group video broadcasting and chat platform. And yes, we’re guessing that GoToMeeting, Join.Me and all other such paid-for live broadcast and webinar services are feeling somewhat miffed.

In Blab’s words, it is ‘a place to watch, join and interact with live conversations about the topics that matter most to you.’ In an agency world like ours, we see it as an awesome new place to host live meetings, screen share with clients, deliver live insights, education and entertainment to followers and beyond. 

But the best part about Blab, perhaps, is that it allows for the recording, download, replay and repurposing of your live videos. By repurposing, I mean that a live talk show, Q&A, interview, conversation or any other compelling video content you create is made available immediately following the broadcast as both a downloadable video and audio file.

This means that, while your Blab follower base may or may not be huge (to start), you can post the highly engaging live action content you create in the platform to your YouTube channel or Facebook Page, embed it in your blog, share the links on social, and even upload the audio version of the recording as a regular podcast.

Yes, welcome to 2016, where the need for content is still very real, but the game is getting marginally easier to play. And for a refreshing change, that increasing ‘ease’ is not thanks to social media management scheduling tools and cross-platform posting apps. It’s thanks to incredible platforms that require nothing more than the click of a ‘go live’ button to bring awesome interactive social video to life.

Why do we care? Because video is where our attention is at. It is the most real version of all the content we inhale on the internet. In fact, according to a recent Cisco report, video will account for a whopping 80% of global internet traffic by 2019.

And because quite simply, the most human brands win.