The A.C.E. Model for Optimum Learning

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The A.C.E. Model for Optimum Learning

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October 27, 2021

One of the questions we’re most often asked is,

“How long does it take to complete each course within the Social Media Marketing Certificate?”

Our answer?

Every course in the Social Media Marketing program consists of several modules, and one master course workbook. The workbook contains a series of prompts, planning tools and jump-off points to work through as the course progresses.

While the total instruction time for each course is 5-6 hours, how far you take the workbook exercises and the implementation of your learnings into your marketing program or current business model is completely up to you.

However, our recommendation is that you dedicate an entire day (6-8 hours) to each course.

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This type of time block allows you to get the absolute most out of the training, and activate the ‘ACE’ model that every Social School program is built on:

Actively watch the learning videos, Complete the workbook exercises, Execute and implement on the spot!”

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