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The Quarantine Files, week 2

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March 26, 2020

Social School Campus misses you.pngHard to believe we’re almost used to our new reality now, where remote work, homeschool, social distance and business closure are the norm.

But this isn’t another post about which brands are best staying connected with their audiences and capitalizing on a population currently glued to their mobile devices.

Here’s what it is instead.

Social School customers first.pngFurther, it is the recognition that throughout history, businesses much less capable than all of ours, with far fewer resources at their disposal, have withstood tougher times – economically and otherwise.

Countless among them have come through stronger, leaner, wiser and more resilient.

Some even surface as better people.

When our team rallied to launch $50,000 of scholarships last week – aimed at enhancing digital skills and growing new revenue streams for Canadian companies hit hardest economically this month – we expected to be humbled.

What we did not expect was a tidal wave of applications.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs and organizations from coast to coast have poured their hearts out in hope of support and the opportunity to learn new modern marketing tactics that might help their business survive, and then once again thrive.

Social School scholarship applications.pngWhile the $50k Fund application remains open until 9pm tonight (March 26), we are navigating this immense volume of knowledge seekers in a few ways:

  1. We’ve put out the call to dozens of organizations – from government departments to economic development associations and business alliances – to help us triple the number of Social Media and Digital Marketing Certifications we’re offering from 110 to 330.
  2. We’re digging deep and adding more from our end, taking the total available from Social School to 130, with 50% of them, or 65, still earmarked for Alberta-based businesses.
  3. We’ve launched the biggest sale we’ve ever run on all of our virtual courses and conferences. This includes our Social MediaDigital Marketing and Modern PR classes and certificate programs, and all platform-specific courses for business, from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedInIGTVEmail Marketing and beyond.
  4. Scholarship winners will be announced tomorrow at 9am. It’s not too late to enter, and if we drum up additional funds, the next round of recipients will be called.


One more time about that sale…

Enter ‘SURVIVEANDTHRIVE25’ at checkout for 25% off all virtual courses, certificate programs and April digital marketing conferences.

How long will this sweet sale last? As long as possible.

SOCIAL SCHOOL - Social Media Marketing Courses.pngCheck ’em out

Until next time, some timely words from my wisest, sagest guide, Eckhart Tolle.

Because for me, when things get really real, his stark words rise above all else.

ECKHART TOLLE.jpgHang in, we got this.

x Kelly