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April 13, 2016

Social School blog - The Shorty Awards.jpgThe 8th Annual Shorty Awards, celebrating excellence in social media, went down the other night in New York City and The Social School brought the red carpet to Calgary, Canada with a livestream of the event at Flames Central.

The Oscars of social media featured a star-studded red carpet event (although I didn’t see Pizza Rat scurry down the red carpet in his little rat tuxedo, which would have made the night in my opinion). It was interesting to see which social media ‘celebrities’ were recognizable and to hear the ‘regular folk’ share their story of rising to social media ubiquity (and YouTube pay cheques).

For the ‘unrecognizable’ Shorty Award winners it was interesting to acknowledge which personalities, and what content, permeated your personal, social media, vortex and to appreciate the audiences, some millions deep, that these ‘unknowns’ have amassed. As a social media marketer you may be wondering what learnings were omnipresent at the Shorty Awards.

Let’s break down three takeaways from the evening.