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Top holiday social campaigns of the year

Modern Marketing

December 22, 2016

download+(1).jpegWe give our respect and admiration (with only a hint of jealousy) to these 3 companies who created the most memorable holiday social media campaigns of 2016:

1. CRU Juice: 12 Days of CRU
This Calgary cold-pressed juice company partnered with small businesses to launch #12daysofcru on Instagram. From Dec 6- Dec 18 they featured one gift per day from a local shop and gave it to one winner, who entered the contest through commenting. They had hundreds of entries per day, promoted the true spirit of the season (hint: giving) and inspired us all to engage with our followers in a new way.

2. Coca-Cola Canada: Peace on Earth … Or at Least in the Mall
Coke does it again! This brand continues to delight us with clever ways to #TasteTheFeeling without ever outright saying “buy our product”. This holiday campaign is no exception, Coca-Cola Canada shared videos inspiring peace on earth in the midst of the dreaded mall experience. In this video, two people fighting over a jacket are able to find peace by enjoying Coca-Cola products together.

3. John Lewis: Buster the Boxer
John Lewis released their annual Christmas ad on YouTube and it was named “most shared ad of 2016”. It has key elements sure to please; animals, trampolines, loving Dad struggling with assembling the gift and a young girl, but their partnership with Snapchat is what made this ad truly shareable. Snapchat users were invited to add a filter to their selfie, transforming them into Buster the Boxer.

What can we learn from these campaigns?

1. Viewers love honesty. 
Everything seems a little overly-curated these days, and we’ve become masters of creating great content that can seem too perfect to connect with. Christmas is supposed to be a magical time of sipping hot cocoa and laughing with loved ones, but it can have its downfalls; packed malls and pressure to purchase the perfect gift among them. Coca-Cola connects with us because they are real and honest about the holiday mall experience. Sharing a Coke with a stranger to ease the tension may not be realistic, but they showcase an experience that we all recognize without being too negative or awkward, and the result is refreshingly honest.

2. People want to participate
Without a doubt, people want in on the “it,” whatever the “it” may be. We want to take a selfie, put a filter on it, hashtag it, share it and get likes. John Lewis brilliantly achieved this with their Buster the Boxer Snapchat filter.

3. FREE?! Yes, please! 
We all love a free gift! CRU tapped into this in a beautiful way, resulting in 2% audience engagement on their holiday campaign (a very good number). So, what are you doing to WAKE YOUR AUDIENCE UP?!

Let these social media campaigns delight and inspire you to try something “command N” (new) with your next campaign.