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Top Picks: What We’re Casting

Real Type

August 29, 2019

What do you listen to when you’re taking the dog for a walk, doing laundry, or driving across the province to see the in-laws?

Maybe you’ve found the golden playlist and listen to music – or maybe you’re like us and have a fave ‘go-to’ podcast that keeps you entertained for hours on end.

Here’s what we listen to when a music playlist just won’t cut it!

For social skilling : Social Minute with Tyler Babiy

  • Straight from the entrepreneurial heart of the Canadian prairies,  doody-pick.pngSocial Minute is one of the most refreshing places to hear real and raw tales of the successfully creative, innovative and self-employed. With a focus on social and digital marketing, and the most timely uses of today’s top platforms for growing brand reputation and business revenue, it never disappoints.

For unwinding : Untangle Meditation Studio

  • I believe we are living through the next great human evolution – the emergence of mental hygiene as an imperative aspect of our health and well being. The Untangle podcast explores everything from modern humanity’s mental health epidemic to vulnerability, joy, resilience, relationships, performance, leadership and beyond. Good stuff for a better world.

For deep diving : Making Sense with Sam Harris

  • When it comes to unpacking some of the most pressing, curious and controversial questions of our time, Sam Harris is a master captain. He guides exceptional guests through thought-provoking chatter that inevitably leads to deeper understanding, appreciation and gratitude in both host and listener alike. I love it, and know you will too.

The Ace Class’ podcast Ace Talks is my go-to for when I want to feel inspired or empowered to put on my lady boss pants and GSD. A collection of real, love-pick.pngraw, authentic interviews of real live lady bosses sharing their story of success, failure, and everything in between. These women are no nonsense and I am digging it!

vecino-pick.pngPart therapist, part business coach, and everyone’s BFF, Rachel Hollis has built an empire in the last couple years, seemingly rising out of obscurity and onto every digital platform. From books, to Instagram, to her blog and online coaching memberships, she is the modern-day digitalized Oprah with big hair and fake lashes. Her Rise podcast is one of the top podcasts (most listens, most subscribes, highest ratings, etc) out there, and she doesn’t let you forget it. Filled with all the wisdom, encouragement, and practical tips for living your best life, you can’t help feeling on top of the world after a 40-min pod sesh with your girl Rach. If you haven’t yet treated your ears and blessed your life with this gift, do it now! And then buy her books and follow her on all her platforms, because this girl is building an empire and I’m here for it!

hammond-pick.pngI’d love to say that I always listen to a go-getter, self-starter, marketing maven podcast – but that would be a lie. Sometimes I just need to unplug from my work and take a peek into someone else’s mind. I’ve always loved true crime – learning about real situations and the people who are involved. Real Crime Profile is hosted by Jim Clemente, who is a former FBI profiler and writer/ producer for CBS’ Criminal Minds, Laura Richards, formerly of New Scotland Yard, and Lisa Zambetti, who is the casting director for CBS’ Criminal Minds. The hosts break down real criminal cases using their individual expertise and insight to further educate listeners about behaviour profiling. A truly exceptional podcast – Real Crime Profile keeps me interested in learning and continuing education (even if it is about criminal psychology!)