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Top 3 Reasons We Love to Learn Online

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April 19, 2017

twenty20_232edb28-709e-4d9f-8367-b08340efd605.jpgOur 24/7 access to all-knowledge-ever-published means we can now learn what we want, when we want, from wherever we want. Which is AMAZING.

In the latest Global Shapers Survey of 25,000 young people from across the world, 77.84% of respondents reported having taken online courses in the past. And without a doubt, online learning across virtually all industries will only continue to grow in popularity, offer massive pros and positive benefits over traditional learning (insert plug: we just launched our exciting suite of Virtual programs), and change the face of higher education as we know it.

Herewith, a few tips to get you started or further succeeding as a modern day, lifelong learner…

1. Learn the Information You Care About

Without going deep into the inadequacies of our ‘modern day’ post-secondary education system, it goes without saying that online learning shifts the focus on accreditation, electives and test results to equipping individuals with increasingly tangible, hireable, real-world skills. Online learning means you decide what you want to learn about, from any teacher, instructor, industry professional you resonate with, no matter where they reside. While we’d hate to discredit the endless hours you spent memorizing, regurgitating and forgetting the phases of the moon, quadratic equations, Greek gods or sedimentary rocks, with the right virtual program, you’re more likely to find the most current and relevant learns online (particularly when you’re learning from a small, nimble, forever evolving curriculum and institutional mindset) vs. on campus (particularly when that campus is highly regimented, traditional, and set in its learning ways).

2. Flexibility

When taking online courses, one of the biggest beauties is that you can learn at your own pace and from whatever location you choose. Travel the world and take courses as you go, hold down a full-time job and learn on the side, parent all day and grow your skills from home once the kids are in bed. Given the speed at which business, marketing, technology and beyond are evolving on a daily basis, it is integral to view your ongoing learning and continued skill development as a necessary side hustle.

3. Expand Your Skillset 

In the modern day business setting, we are expected to wear more hats than ever and keep current and massive amounts of knowledge and know-how. If your work requires any sort of marketing know-how, that now requires you to understand analytics, create masterful content, be a part-time graphic designer and full-time strategist. The ability to develop skills and gain understanding in a timely and affordable way ensures your skillset can be both broad and in-depth. Motivation has shifted from “receiving an A” to having the skills to accomplish a task, and online learning will ensure you’re equipped.

Added bonus – 5 online learning sites you may want to check out:

  1. Coursera: partnered with museums, universities and other institutions to offer students free classes on an astounding variety of topics.
  2. Skillshare: online classes taught by the world’s best practitioners. Photographers, creatives, chefs, and entrepreneurs all share beautifully curated educational videos.
  3. TedEd: full of educational videos on a variety of general education topics that can be accessed for free.
  4. Alison: over 800 courses, certifications, and loads of free learning.
  5. The Social School: how did that get there? We just launched our virtual courses and would love to e-meet you!

What are you waiting for? Let the learning begin, continue and never stop!