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Infographic: Video Marketing for Facebook

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July 27, 2020

video for facebook.png

Statistics show that a human’s attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish. As such, we must acclimatize to this change or risk marketing efforts being rendered futile.

The relationship between shrinking attention spans and social media have a connection, and the proof is in the data. A beautifully edited photograph used to capture our attention on Facebook, but now it is scrolled over without a second thought. Not only do we need constant visual stimulation, we need to also be entertained. Facebook’s statistics show that “people gaze 5 times longer at video than static content.”

In addition to the research and data on video versus static content, Facebook has not-so-subtly revealed that video content leads “to discussion among viewers.” Although this note may seem arbitrary, many marketers who understand Facebook analytics understand that this was a nod to the Facebook algorithm, and how it favours content with the highest engagement rate.

If you’re spending time marketing on Facebook, it is imperative to understand the significant role video plays and how to best utilize your time to optimize your efforts.