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What it Takes to be a Top Canuck in the Marketing World

Modern Marketing

September 21, 2016

We’re going to break with common Canadian social cues and etiquette for a second, so we can toot our own horn. In case you haven’t checked out our The Post speaker list as of late, we’ve gone out of our way to recruit some of the very best speakers who work in marketing in North America.

Even more impressive (here we go breaking with our humble traditions again), we just have to highlight the amazing fact that so many of our speakers are from the Great White North, all who are leading the charge and changing the way we sell, create and communicate. Without further ado…

Here’s our list of favourite forward-thinking marketing tactics that our fellow Canadians are using right now:

1. Keep it Personal ethansong-1024x427.jpeg

In an endless sea of Facebook ads, generic pop-ups and obnoxious sponsored content on your Spotify account, there’s nothing sexy about marketing en masse. For this reason, the trend is moving towards online marketing in the most personal of senses, tailored to reach unique audiences and encourage repeat customers. Frank + Oak is a great example of a company who does this well. It doesn’t get more personal than handwritten notes and personal shoppers.

2. Social Influencers 2.0 snapchat-1024x682.jpeg

Raise your hand if you’re sick of the Kardashian family’s sponsored social feeds. Influencer marketing is nothing new, but Hillberg & Berk is one company that focuses on spreading the word on their brand, not just using celebs, but with all kinds of customers, colleagues and strangers by sharing their stories and advice on the H&B section of the website – a long term plan with much more gusto.

3. A Preferred Social Platform

Snapchat is the new black when it comes to social media marketing. Unpolished, authentic and the most attractive way to consume content in the moment, are just a few of the reasons marketers are hopping on board with this app and learning how to effectively market it. And you just know there’s something to it when the Saskatchewan Roughriders trade in those famous watermelon helmets for a Snapchat account.

4. Let’s Be Friends

Relationship marketing is the golden ticket when it comes to customer retention. That means loyalty programs, special offers, online communities and insider perks are still of great importance. Arc’teryxnot only creates thrilling blog posts with built-in product reviews, they also run their own academy program, complete with climbing camps, free events and speaker sessions for their fan base to connect with the community and brand.

 5. Virtual Reality

How do you entertain, inspire and educate in 2016? Companies like Mammoth VR are bringing branding to a whole new level with an exploratory side to brand awareness. Practice with your favourite sports team, view far off locales or catch your favourite designers by sitting front row at a fashion show – all from your living room. Whatever the experience, this is an exceptional way to help customers see your brand in a whole new light. The opportunities are endless.

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