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Where, Oh Where to Begin

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June 30, 2021

Question of the Week: “How do I know what course to start with in my Social School training, and what order to take them in?”

Our answer:

Ahh.. yes. If you’re unsure of where to begin with our Social Media Marketing courses or Social School as a whole, you’re not alone!

Next to the 360 Series, the most common place our students begin their skill-building journey is with our Social Media Marketing Certificate program, either by diving into all 5 courses at once, or by starting with course #1 – Social Media Strategy, and adding on from there.

Social Media skills training

Additional tip:

The 360 Series platform-specific learnings do indeed make a great side-by-side complement to our certificate programs, as the certificate courses are more overarching and strategy-focused in their teachings.

Take several 360’s simultaneously, or work through them sequentially, and prepare to execute like a champ.

See them all inside the Academy, and let us know if we can further guide you toward the right learning path for your needs!



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