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Which Social Metrics Matter?

Real Type

July 5, 2017

OK, so which metrics matter again? Reach.gif

If you’ve made the switch to an Instagram business account, you may have noticed your Instagram engagement drop during the month of June. Yes, it’s true, and we’ve been seeing it too.

Business accounts on Instagram are seeing reduced engagement due to the platform’s ever-changing algorithm.

Instagram launched a “promote” option this month (blue button on the bottom right of every post) that wants businesses to pay to have their content seen.

Meaning, Instagram engagement is taking a similar progression towards the land of pay-to-play and bye-bye-organic reach that we saw with Facebook, and offering further proof that now more than ever, we need to be asking ourselves what metrics do we measure our so-called social success on? 

And since we can’t quite see your backend, don’t have access to your deepest social insights (yet..) and, well, have a smokin’ hot barbecue to run to, the least we can do is leave you with a few clarifications that’ll help navigate the metrics, minutia and marketing jargon along the way.


Reach: # of UNIQUE accounts that saw your photo/video/post

Impressions: # of times your photo/video/post was seen

Engagement: # of times people perform an action (like, comment, share etc.)

So… ask yourself: are you trying to reach more people or have the ones you already converse with engage more heavily with your content?

And further, what is that worth to you from a dollar bills perspective? Because if you don’t yet have a budget for boosting your Instagram posts, it may be time to start paying to get the metrics you desire.