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Year in review: winning social trends

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December 15, 2016

2016-blog_V2.gifThis is my favourite time of year, because of the egg nog and Christmas parties, but also because it is the time to look back, laugh at our mistakes, celebrate our successes and make a plan for 2017! Now let’s talk about what made it on the “hot” list for social media in 2016?

1. Video
In 2016 you either used or were captured on Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, Facebook Live or Snapchat. Facebook and Instagram launched Stories and Live features this year! Here is why; video appeals to our diminishing attention spans and allows individuals and businesses to show their creativity in a whole new way. It’s official, our attention span is officially less than a goldfish.

2. Content
Content was King and will continue to reign in 2017. What was once a buzzword, is now the heart of any marketing strategy. Creating content that informs and inspires is increasing sales and reach. Because of all the noise on social media, your content must stand out. That being said, even if you are generating inspiring content, it may never reach your intended audience…

3. Advertising
This brings us to number 3, the Queen to content. Yes, it happened. You must pay to play in this digital age. Facebook announced their advertising strategy in 2015 but it became commonplace in 2016. Now businesses must pay to reach their audiences and with the announcement of Facebook Marketplace – social media is keeping business in mind. If you are a business on Facebook, 90% of your content will not reach your audience unless you “boost” it.

4. Customization
From Facebook changing their algorithm to feature articles related to who and what you generally engage with, to Instagram moving away from a chronological news feed, social media is becoming more and more tailored to each individual user. You may only see 30% of the content your followers post, but it will be “the best” 30%.

5. Monopoly
Not the board game. A monopoly of social media platforms. Vine ceased to exist this year, largely because of their failure to innovate and keep up with Facebook, Instagram (owned by Facebook) and Snapchat. Now that Instagram Stories has been released, how long with Snapchat exist for? Does Facebook have a monopoly on social media platforms?

6. Brevity 
Is 140 characters too long? Is 20 seconds too large of a time commitment for a video? If you want to engage with your audience- keep it visual and brief.

7. Echo Chambers
As we know, social media news feeds use a system of user engagement to rank content to expose us to stories we already engage with. This creates an echo chamber where we only receive information that supports our views or preferences. The best example is the shock of the 2016 election results. Are we only receiving the information we want to receive and that supports our view world?

2016 continued to change the social media landscape and I can not wait to see what 2017 has in store!