Social Winnipeg 2019

Social Winnipeg will forever transform the way you market your business.

Featuring a stellar line-up of how-to talks and hands-on workshops covering the most timely social media and digital marketing tactics, insights and ideas you need to take your business to incredible new heights in 2019 and beyond.

Manitoba’s most hands-on and up-to-speed social and digital marketing conference.


Learn today’s most tactical skills to grow your brand and expand your business.


Immediately implementable sales and marketing learns and road-tested case studies to keep you moving forward.

Social Winnipeg 2019 - Conference


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Grab your event pass, meet your fellow attendees and get ready for an incredible day of learning the most timely marketing skills and launching them into action.

9:00-9:40am – MASTERCLASS: Social & Digital Marketing Strategy

Prepare to learn about the marketing that matters in 2019 and beyond, discover the tactics and tools that are winning from organic posts to paid reach, identify standout opportunities for your business, content and campaigns, and optimize your marketing efforts for maximum ROI in the year ahead.

9:40-10:20am – MASTERCLASS: Killer Content

Gain imperative insight into the essential components of today's most compelling written and visual content, from nailing your brand voice and crafting the perfect post to captivating still photography and can't-miss live video. Not only will you learn what to say, but how, where and when to say it, too.

10:20-10:40am – CONNECTION BREAK

Refresh your feed, high-five your neighbour, and get ready for more mad learns.

10:40-11:20am – SOCIAL STUDIES: Facebook Front & Back

Discover which Facebook content far outperforms the rest, the data insights that matter, top tools for promotion and amplification of your posts, how to affordably boost your content to custom audiences, and the most effective ways to drive actions and conversions using Facebook Business Manager.

11:20am-12:00pm – SOCIAL STUDIES: Epic Instagram Insights

Identify how to build a world-class Instagram feed, where to snap and source stunning images for your specific business, how to use the platform to drive meaningful actions and powerfully boost your brand to entirely new audiences. Learn how to drive engagement using Instagram stories, live video, Instagram insights and more.

12:00-1:00pm – LUNCH BREAK

Duck out for a bite and see you back at 1pm, or stick around and further network with your conference neighbours.

1-1:35pm – LEARNING LAB: Email Marketing

Prepare to hear unbridled, road-tested advice on the best campaign building, prospect nurturing, triggered sequencing and email automation practices around, and what the world's leading email marketers are doing to tailor, target and turn subscribers into high converting sales gold.

1:35-2:10pm – LEARNING LAB: Search Optimization

Learn the most effective strategies, techniques and tactics – both paid and unpaid – to increase your website traffic and obtain high-ranking search engine placement. In other words, nine simple ways to immediately increase the overall visibility of your business, no coding or so-called 'expert' outsourcing required.

2:10-2:25pm – BREAKOUT BREAK: Brand Yourself

Mix and mingle with your fellow conference attendees while conceiving of your head-turning, business building tagline, intro statement or elevator pitch.

2:25-3:00pm – TOOL BREAK: Marketing Tools & Technology

Discover best in class hardware, software, programs and apps to help you strategize, schedule and leverage the most shared, valuable and high-converting content in the modern marketing landscape, end the trial and error, and immediately up your game.

3:00-3:45pm – GET REAL GAMESHOW: Entrepreneurs Edition

Hear from a crop of successful entrepreneurs, dishing the highs, lows and hard-hitting lessons they've encountered along the way. Enjoy it all in the most hilarious, heart-wrenching, lighting speed sound-off you've ever seen.

3:45-4:00pm – THE RALLY: Ten Takeaways

The round-up, the roadmap, the can't-miss summary of favourite tips, tools, tactics and go-forward ideas, ripe for implementation and activation in your own business, no matter your budget, resources or realm. Ready, set, go!
Social Winnipeg 2019 - Workshop


LOCATION: Coming Soon...


Check in, grab a seat and a coffee, and get ready to workshop your way into spectacular new digital tactics and tools for the year ahead.

9:00-9:50am – WORKSHOP 1: LinkedIn for Business

35 minutes learning, 15 minutes guided implementation. Beyond job hunting, resume reading and personal profiling, prepare to start utilizing LinkedIn's business solutions as an incredibly effective tool for building brand awareness, sharing insights and bettering your bottom line. From tailored content to targeted posts, learn how to optimize the world’s top business-oriented social platform, and create, publish and promote can’t-miss content to your tribe of followers and prospects.

10:00-10:50am – WORKSHOP 2: Blogging for Business

35 minutes learning, 15 minutes guided implementation. Prepare to finally set yourself apart with a strategic blog that conveys your invaluable insights and unparalleled expertise, and serves as a hub of compelling original content for your social feeds, organic reach, search optimization and business development efforts as a whole.

11:00-11:50am – WORKSHOP 3: Digital Advertising

35 minutes learning, 15 minutes guided implementation. Gain a meaningful understanding of the winning paid advertising strategies in today's digital landscape, from promoted content to multi-channel campaigns. Learn what's what and how and where to smartly invest your spend across Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and beyond.

12:00-1:00pm – LUNCH BREAK

Hit one of many neighbouring cafes and restaurants for a bite, and see you back at 1pm. Or, bring some eats along and stick around for a noon-hour mingle with fellow workshoppers.

1:00-1:50pm – WORKSHOP 4: Scheduling and Automation

35 minutes learning, 15 minutes guided implementation. Discover today’s top social media planning and scheduling tools, understand how to strategically automate your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for maximum audience engagement and ROI, how and where planned vs. live content comes into play, and bonus apps, hacks and programs to get it done.

2:00-2:50pm – WORKSHOP 5: Data Insights and Analytics

35 minutes learning, 15 minutes guided implementation. Learn how to analyze the data behind your social and digital marketing efforts, glean meaningful insights and fine tune your posts, pages and overall strategy accordingly. Understand how to capture attention over impressions and build on the content that’s working and campaigns that are selling, in order to capture and prove social ROI and execute on a cohesive front-meets-backend marketing program.

3:00-3:30pm – THE ROUNDUP

A can't miss rundown of the world-class content and cutting-edge brands that captivated our imaginations alongside our clicks, conversations and conversions recently, and the winning mantras, mindsets and marketing strategies for the months ahead.

3:30-4:00pm – LIVE Q&A

Bring your burning questions and queries to light, leave with the answers and info you need, and prepare to implement the insights of the day in the most meaningful way.
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Custom-built for today's savvy business owner, entrepreneur and marketing professional, Social Winnipeg will change the way you see the world, and the way the world sees your business.

Social School Calgary Live Guests 2018
Stay tuned to see the growing lineup of leaders, doers and disruptors set to grace the Social Winnipeg stage, each of them having built entrepreneurial empires, amassed awe-inspiring followings and skilled their way to modern marketing success.
Social School Calgary 2018 - Donna Vecino
Donna Vecino – Event Manager, Social School

Donna is passionate about developing communities and support organizations that seek to create a positive societal impact, while creating spaces for people to gather and become cultural change-makers. At Social School, she connects people for purpose, and empowers communities to learn, grow and succeed on all fronts.


Social School Calgary 2018 - Jaimie Love
Jaimie Love – Marketing & Community Manager, Social School

From Instagram to art direction, digital strategy to world-class online ad campaigns, Jaimie loves nothing more than equipping marketers and business owners alike with the modern social skills they need to succeed. A sought-after lead faculty member at Social School, she teaches a badass barre class to boot.


Social School Calgary 2018 - Kelly Doody
Kelly Doody – Founder & CEO, Social School

Kelly is a journalist-turned-digital marketing junkie, and is committed to connecting the top marketing trends and tools with the entrepreneurs and innovators who need them most. She rarely stops talking about the knowledge share community that is marketing today, and tears up when she thinks about Social School’s role in it.


Social School Partners 2018 Calgary
Social Winnipeg is proudly made possible with the help of our pals.
Care to join the ride as a partner or sponsor? We’d love to have you!



We were thrilled to bring a killer crop of speakers to the Social Winnipeg stage in 2018.
Tickets sold out 5 weeks in advance last year, so grab your 2019 pass while they last!
Social School Winnipeg 2018- Amanda Buhse
Amanda Buhse
Co-Founder, Coal and Canary Candle Company

With extensive experience in concept development, design, branding and production across the retail, corporate and non-profit sectors, Amanda is a modern marketing force we are thrilled to welcome to the Gas Station stage.


Social School Winnipeg 2018 - Charmaine Jennings
Charmaine Jennings
Founder, Strategic Charm Boutique

Lover of social media, event planning and all things colourful, Charmaine blends strategic social marketing with brand storytelling, authenticity and personality for clients big and small.


Social School Winnipeg - Morley (Tony) MacDougall
Morley (Tony) MacDougall
Partner and Creative Director, Brandish Agency

Morley is an award-winning creative director who has worked in media, marketing and advertising for clients across the globe, articulating their unique value in ways that engage interest, provoke thought and inspire action.


Social School Winnipeg - Noella Andres
Noella Andres,
Creative Director and Virtual Rockstar, Well Curated

Noella steers the brilliant shop that is Well Curated Creative Agency, specializing in virtual assistant services and education for creative entrepreneurs through branding, graphic and web design, content creation, social media, email marketing, blogging, workshops and beyond.


Laura Kloepfer - Thnk Shift - Social School Winnipeg
Laura Kloepfer
Social Media Specialist, Think Shift

 At Think Shift, a leading strategic marketing agency in Winnipeg, Laura specializes in creating holistic social strategies for agriculture clients, while managing the day-to-day of agency life and a severe obsession with Dylan McKay (#dreamboat).


Social School Winnipeg 2018 - Zephyra Vun
Zephyra Vun
Founder & Owner, anARCHI design; Executive Director, Design Quarter Winnipeg

The Social School is honoured to feature anARCHI design founder and owner and Design Quarter Winnipeg executive director Zephyra in its 2018 live guest lineup, for a discussion around the role of design in storytelling and brand for the modern business big or small.

@anarchi_design   @designqwpg   

Social School Winnipeg - Alyson Shane
Alyson Shane
Founder & Owner, Starling Social

An esteemed online content publisher for more than 15 years, Alyson is the sought-after founder of Starling Social, a digital marketing agency specializing in social media management and copywriting services, and we’re thrilled to feature her in the Social School Winnipeg lineup.


Social School Winnipeg 2018 - Kendra Magnus-Johnston
Kendra Magnus-Johnston
Co-Founder, Twelvefold Collective; Co-Owner, Fools + Horses Coffee Company

Kendra is a business owner, project manager and once-upon-a-time academic that The Social School doesn’t know how they lived without. She is passionate about marketing, public relations and strategic communications consulting, and a bit of an entrepreneurial ninja to boot.

@twelvefoldco   @fhcoffee_

Social School Winnipeg - Rhianna Saj
Rhianna Saj
Digital Content Producer, Direct Focus Marketing Communications

As Digital Content Producer at Direct Focus, Rhianna dedicates her attention to navigating clients through the ever-changing social landscape – conducting audits, developing strategies, writing content, monitoring real-time engagement, measuring performance and beyond.


Social School Winnipeg - Isaiah J. Smith
Isaiah J. Smith
Operations & Social Media, Bronuts Donuts

Studied in media and visual anthropology, Isaiah manages social presence and brand identity through the communicative power of design, strategy and contemporary social trends to encourage brand growth, content creation and consistency through various business and community lead campaigns and projects.

@BronutsWPG  @LiterallyPrinceCharming

Jaimie Love - The Social School
Jaimie Love
Marketing & Community Manager, The Social School

From Instagram to art direction, digital strategy to world-class online ad campaigns, Jaimie loves nothing more than equipping marketers and business owners alike with the modern social skills they need to succeed.


Kelly Doody - The Social School
Kelly Doody
Founder & CEO, The Social School

Kelly is a journalist-turned-diehard digital marketing junkie, and is deeply committed to connecting the top digital trends and tools with the entrepreneurs and innovators who need them most.



There has never been a better time to invest in your brand and business